Amazon Fire Stick | What Is A Fire Stick And How Does It Work?


Amazon was, at some point in time(long ago!), mainly an e-commerce website. They have come far now and are spreading their business in India a lot lately, trying to capture on the big market & vast possibilities that this country provides and achieve big goals. First of all, they brought in India – Amazon Prime, one of the finest internet media streaming service. At this same time around, they launched the amazing Amazon Fire Stick.

Amazon fire TV stick is a media streaming device that you can attach to your TV and it comes with an Alexa Powered voice remote. Alexa is an artificial intelligence(A.I) software developed by Amazon. Click here to read more about Amazon Alexa. The device can be plugged into an HDTV and customers can see movies and TV shows. You can also do a lot more on it like play games and use apps. Iterate through the article to know more about the firestick.

What Is Amazon Fire TV Stick? 

fire tv stick

As I said earlier, firestick is a media streaming device which helps you to access TV shows, movies, games, and apps after being plugged in an HDTV. It looks like a bigger version of a pen drive. But whatever it looks like, it has quality hardware inside it. The TV stick supports fast WI-Fi and comes with a quad-core processor. Like the image above shows, it supports most of the famous and useful streaming platforms. If you don’t have a smart TV, worry no more – just go for an Amazon Stick!

How Does Firestick Work?

how does a firestick work

First things first, to use the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you must have an Amazon account and that account must be registered with your device. If you have an existing account you can connect that to your firestick but if you don’t have one then don’t worry as you will get the option of creating an account while you are in the one-time setup process of your Amazon stick. Primarily, the stick will serve you the Amazon Prime content. 

Now, if you are still wondering how to connect, first – the power adapter must be connected to the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Now you have to plug in the other end of the stick to your HDTV’s HDMI port. Next – switch the TV on and then you need to select the HDMI input channel. After that – you will see a logo of Amazon Fire TV Stick along with a loading screen, and it’s done! Put batteries on your firestick remote and pair it. You need to follow the instruction manual to connect your device to the available Wi-Fi and use internet with the help of it. 

Amazon FireStick Remote

firestick remote

One of the major features of Amazon stick is its voice remote. The remote is enabled with the amazing voice controlled Artificial Intelligence system of Amazon known as Alexa. For Indian customers, it is great as the remote supports languages like Hindi and English.
You can search any video of your choice from Amazon with the help of your voice.

Some Cool Features Of Amazon Fire TV Stick

  • Prime Content: As per Amazon, if you use the TV stick, it brings to you over 1000 movies, sports, TV episodes, games, music, and news. You can get all from Hollywood to Bollywood here. You can also connect it with other streaming websites like Hotstar, Prime, Gaana, and YouTube. You can even install Kodi on Your Amazon fire stick.
  • Easy to use: The firestick comes with a pre-registration so the users will not have to buy it and then register. They can buy it and start using it at once. But one thing they must have is a Prime subscription. Just plug the device with TV and a good Wi-Fi connection and play. It’s as simple as that.  
  • Parental Control: There are parental control settings on the device too. There is mature content and you can restrict your children from watching them by just setting a PIN. All the videos or movies which you get in the Amazon Prime along with all the games have maturity ratings so that you could know it is suitable for your kid or not.  
  • Track the Data Usage: Amazon Fire TV Stick allows all the users to keep a track of their data usage. There is a data monitoring feature for that user which the viewers can choose the preferred quality of videos to manage their data. The users can also set a notification on the fire stick so that it will notify them when the data usage is exceeding its limit. 
  • The Voice Search Remote: I can’t get over this awesome voice control remote. It is so cool, you can speak Hindi or English. You can search for movies or TV shows of your choice by just saying its name on the mic.

So, you can see there are some great features on the TV Stick. But, like all other devices, it has some cons too.

What Amazon Stick Lacks

  • Amazon Fire Stick helps us in searching from the online entertainment library of Amazon Prime only but if you search for some others like Hulu Plus or Netflix, it will show nothing. What you have to do is install those apps and search within them. 
  • There are Google Chromecast or the Roku Streaming Stick with the help of which you can stream videos to TV from mobile, laptop, or tablet. But in Amazon Fire TV Stick it is not possible.
  • If you know the HDTV’s then you should know that there are 3 types of them. SD which supports 720p videos, HD which supports 1080p videos, and 4K which supports 4000p videos. This 4K is not supported in the Amazon Fire TV Stick.  

Buy Amazon Fire Stick

You can buy Amazon Firestick online from their official website. It costs 3,999.00 ($39.99) which is inclusive of all taxes. I believe it is a great deal as it turns your normal TV into a smart one.

Buy Amazon Fire TV Stick

In The End

These are the features along with the pros and the cons of Amazon Stick. One thing is for sure, it is still one of the most affordable sticks available on the market today. If you are looking to buy a device of this sort, this TV stick certainly makes it a top priority.

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