10 Best Root Apps – Unleash The Power of Android


With the tech-mania touching peaks, rooting the android devices have lately become a fun rather than need. This owes to the range of additional features that root apps provide for the rooted android devices. Rooting a device lets the users access some of the impossible options and implement certain tweaks in them as per their necessity.

Any user can root his device easily using the readily available applications but should remember that most of the smartphone companies do not accept warranty against rooted android devices. Still, there is a range of rooted apps that only work on the rooted device. The following section enlists some of the must-have apps for rooted Android smartphone.

Best Root Apps To Have In Rooted Device

The following are some of the apps that indeed make the rooting of every user’s Android device worth all the effort.

1. Flashfire


The application provides the users with firmware updates, OTA updates from the smartphone manufacturers and much more with simple steps by the user. The app has a lot of other functionalities as well some of which can be unlocked by subscribing to the pro version of the application only.

The charges for the pro version are pretty decent and is worth an expense. The application does all the work which were used to be done by some applications in prior in a much effective way though. The rooted app can be downloaded through an official link provided for the application.

[root] FlashFire
[root] FlashFire
Developer: Chainfire
Price: Free+

2. Flashify


This application is also a must-have tool for all those who are willing to get firmware and OTA updates. The app can flash most types of files like Zip files, kernels, recovery files and factory reset files as well.

The application comes in both paid and free versions. The paid version is charged decently making this application one of the best in the root apps segment. The application also provides additional features to the users like uploading the files that are flashed on the Google Drive or the Dropbox. The developers of Flashify release timely updates for the application.

3. SuperSU


Use SuperSU to control your Android root settings. SuperSU gives you advanced management of Superuser access rights for all the apps on your device that need root. You can control your rooted android devices by controlling each app that has been given root access singularly.

When you give root access to apps then it becomes prone to malware and other threats. SuperSU will help you control those apps. The main features are: Superuser access prompt, Superuser access logging, Superuser access notifications, Temporary unroot, Wake on prompt, Convert to /system app, and many more.

Developer: Codingcode
Price: Free

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4. Quick Reboot

quick reboot

Quick Reboot, only accessible on rooted smartphones unleashes some of the hidden features in the power section of the rooted device. The users, making use of this root app, can boot their devices to recovery and bootloader section very easily.

There are device specific options also available on the application which provides various devices with different features like the Download mode for Samsung smartphones. The application has a very simple interface and is quite easy to operate which enhances the overall usability of the app.

Quick Reboot [ROOT]
Quick Reboot [ROOT]
Developer: AntaresOne
Price: Free

5. Rom Toolbox

rom toolbox

The ROM Toolbox provides the users with a plethora of features that is a one-stop solution for most of the expectations of the user from a rooted device. It is one of the best root apps for an android device.

The application comes with a built-in file browser, application manager etc. The ROM management section of the application helps the users to create backups of their ROMs. The users can also make tweaks to boot animations, fonts, status bar icons and much more than they could have ever expected from their smartphones.

ROM Toolbox Lite
ROM Toolbox Lite
Developer: JRummy Apps
Price: Free+

6. Servicely

servicely root apps

The application helps the users to have a full control on the background applications and services on their smartphones. Servicely helps the users to block the functioning of certain applications that run in the background and cause battery drainage of the device even when the screen is not awake. Hence, this app for a rooted android is a must-have for all those who are wishing to optimize the battery life and the functioning of their devices.

Although some smartphones have already started introducing the facilities provided by this app right since the stock edition, it is still one of the best root apps that one can have on a rooted device.

7. Solid Explorer

solid explorer

This is not just a file explorer but much more than it. The rooted app provides the users with the access to some of the hidden features that other file explorers do not have. The application can also do all the usual works that normal file explorer applications do. It enables the users to root from the app itself.

The design of the application is simple yet versatile. It has additional extensions to manage the cloud storage accounts for the users as well. Solid Explorer is hence one of the must-have apps for all the rooted android devices.

Solid Explorer Classic
Solid Explorer Classic
Developer: NeatBytes
Price: Free

8. Tasker


Tasker is a paid application and is charged at $3 to the users. The app opens a huge number of fantastic features on your rooted android for the users that the users could previously only dream of. This is a must-have rooted app for all the users who wish to customize their smartphones in the way they want. Most of the features do not require any permissions. The application is accessible both from rooted as well as non-rooted devices.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: 2,99 €

9. Viper4Android


Packed with an audio driver of its own, Viper4Android helps the users to do the changes in the way they hear the sounds from their device speakers, headphones or even Bluetooth speakers. The app is available free of cost but has a complex installation process. With all its features including an equalizer and additional effects, the users can change their music hearing experience on the device in the way they want making it the best root app for music lovers.

The only thing that I find missing from the app is its incapability to fetch and run lyrics. That said, there are other music lyrics apps available in abundance in play store.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

10. Xposed Framework

xposed framework

This application enables the users with UI, performance, and OS changes through the different modules provided by it for the same purpose. Xposed Framework has a complex layout but the users can keep on discovering new things on it. It is one of the top rooted android app.


These root apps help the users to do whatever they wish with their smartphones which are not possible on the stock android platforms. The users should follow the instructions that come with the apps and also before rooting their devices to prevent any serious damage to their smartphones.

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