10 Free Sports Streaming Sites To Stream (Live Games)


One of the best ways to kill anxiety or stress is to play a sport. I love Cricket and Table-Tennis but don’t get much time to play now. One of the cons of growing up and working. Though I do enjoy them by watching the live coverage of the matches. You can always watch them on your TV but what happens when you are not at your home or your TV is not in your vicinity? For that, we at Readvia has assembled some of the best sports streaming sites where you can watch your favorite sport online for free.

The Football madness has started to take a toll on me and I am sure it’s affecting you too. Russia World Cup 2018 is just around the corner and everyone is excited. Some of the sports streaming websites are specially added here which will stream live World Cup Matches.

Stream sports without any concern of malware infliction, these live TV streaming websites are clean and don’t even impose many ads. Each site has its own unique value and key attribute which you will know once you read about them all. So without further ado, let us find out –

10 Live Sports Streaming Sites To Stream Sports

1. Stream2watch.org

stream2watch sports corner

A simple yet elegant website specially designed for live sports streaming. From Football to Darts, from Boxing to Nascar racing – you just name the sport and it is present here. Stream2watch has a wide range of sports that it streams online. The key feature of this sports streaming website is that it shows the list and schedule of the upcoming major sports event that the website will cover and stream online.

The website basically provides links and live videos of any sports in multiple languages which are being televised live. The quality of live streaming is in HD and runs fluidly. It covers free football streaming, full season coverage of leagues like NHL, NBA, MLB, Bundesliga, etc.

2. fromhot.com

fromhot games list

Another gem of a sports streaming website that will certainly complete your search for the sport you want to watch online. Fromhot is primarily famous for live Football streaming and Live Tennis streaming but it holds much more than that. It streams any sport which is running live and can be made available to stream online.

You can change the time on the website according to the GMT of your region and the sports website will show you streams according to your time. The design of fromhot.com is simple and easy which makes it a delight to the users using it.

3. Fox Sports

fox sports

Fox sports is another free and legal sports site that lets you watch all kinds of sports and the news related to it. The world cup fever is on and I thought that a dedicated Russia world cup streaming website is what everyone would want right now. Here, on Fox Sports, you can stream all live Russia world cup 2018 matches without paying any money.

This site primarily works in the US so if you are accessing it from somewhere else then use a trusted VPN service to run the live stream. It also shows other useful info such as all the fixtures, tables, teams, and other news, etc. Bookmark this website people as it is going to be a month of Football and only Football!

4. ESPN Player

One of my favorite channels on TV and now they have a free live sports streaming site which goes by the name – ESPNPlayer.com. The user interface of this website is very stylish as well as simple at the same time. If you are frustrated by the pop-up ads and other in-site ads, then this live streaming website is best for you.

When I was a teenager, at that time I watched a lot of ESPN X games. They are so fun and thrilling! Guess what? You can stream those ESPN X games here on ESPNPlayer. Other live streaming includes live Football streaming, Cricket streaming, Tennis and other cool sports.

ESPN also offers another website known as espncricinfo.com which is one of the best live score apps for Cricket. The only downfall with ESPNPlayer is that it is available in selected countries only, so if it does not open on your system then try out some other live sports stream.

5. Vipleague.mobi


Ever heard of this website? I stumbled upon it recently! I was surfing the Internet and found about this great streaming site to watch almost all sports online for free. The live sports the streaming website supports dozens of sport which includes all the major sports and on top of that it features other sports like WWE, darts, water sports, winter sports, etc.

On opening vipleague, you may feel that this is some kid’s website(because of the colorful and descriptive icons it holds) but when you actually use it then you realize that it is one of the better sports streaming sites currently working fine on the Internet.

6. Batmanstream.com

A very famous live streaming site that allows us to watch sports online for free. Batmanstream is similar to stream2watch as it also links third parties that stream live sports, in this way it does not hold any audio/video content of its own and is not liable to the legality of other websites.

The website shows live sports coverage according to GMT which you can set as per your region. Batmanstream might irritate you with some pop-ups but other than that it is a very reliable website for free sports streaming.

7. Sony Sports Network

sony sports network

This website is a sub-domain of Sony network and handles the sports telecast and info. of Sony media. The site mainly focuses on six sports – Cricket, Football, WWE, Basketball, Fight Sports, and Golf. The user interface of this sports website is mind-blowing! It is stylish, informative, and responsive. The website will keep you updated on all the upcoming sports events.

There is a separate column for stories where one can follow and read various articles on different sports and its events around the globe. You can directly follow and look into the Instagram and Twitter feeds of Sony Sports Network(SSN) through the website.

The main website of SSN is sonyliv.com. You can directly stream live sports on sony liv. The website not only allows free sports streaming but also lets the user watch many popular series and movie online. Sonyliv site has recently come up with their app which is of the same name and is available for free on Google Play Store and App Store.

8. laola1.tv


One of the best sports streaming sites and live football streaming website. Laola1.tv is also known as the home of volleyball and is mainly famous for streaming live volleyball. But that does not tell the full potential of Laola1 as it streams dozens of other live sports. Be it free Football streaming, enjoying Ice Hockey, watching Motorsports, Laola1 has it all! The site supports English and German languages and has a total of three portals which are – Austria, Germany, International.

A separate category called What’s Hot serves the most interesting videos, tweets, and other gems from the Laola1.tv that occurred over the course of last week. This live sports website is my personal favorite!

9. Bosscast.net

Bosscast casts live sports onto your device like a boss. The website looks basic and uses pop-up advertisements for revenue. It has a number of sports channels through which you can watch live sports online. Other than that, Bosscast can also stream Live TV Channels, you can watch famous TV series online, or catch the latest NEWS! The sports streaming site also lets its users interact through a chat system.

Though, you will need to signup to bosscast.com to enable this feature. This website is more than just free sports as it offers tons of other content too.

10. Firstrow.eu


Firstrow enables live football streaming on the go. Wherever you are, you just need a smart device and an Internet connection. The rest, firstrow will take care. The free sports streaming site interface does not do justice with its capability and performance. You might not always find the match link you are looking for. Try to refresh the page and the link will show up.

All the matches streamed are according to the firstrow time which can be adjusted according to the user’s region. The website not only streams live football but also provides free access to other major sports. You can signup at Firstrow which then lets you save videos to your favorites or you can submit your own video.

11. Hotstar


Hotstar is India’s biggest online streaming service. It not only streams live sports but offers live TV channels, movies, Hindi & English TV shows & series. It is a Star network website so it streams all the sports that are shown on star channels. Here, you can watch sports online for free but it will stream with a 5-minute jitter. For complete live streaming, you must be a prime member of the Hotstar community. It has an extensive database which keeps on growing. Hotstar also has an app which you can download for free from Play Store & Apple App Store.

In The End

These are some of the best platforms present on the Internet to watch sports online, anywhere in the world. All the websites support free live sports and can be relied upon at the time of supporting your favorite team. These sports streaming sites will play all the amazing live games so that you can watch them on the go without any delay. Tell us about any other sports websites you know that our readers can enjoy and extract the full potential of watching live sports online.

Howdy mate, I am sid. A software engineer by profession doing that 9 to 5 job working on Linux and SQL. My passion for writing & broadcasting useful info brought me into blogging. I like playing Table Tennis, Video games, reading novels, and also sleeping. In ReadVia.com- we try to provide exclusive and fun tech info. I hope you like the content posted here & find it useful.


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