5 Place To Download Paid Apps For Free On Android


With more and more people getting connected to the Internet, the world is getting dependant on Google, or should I say – Android. Not the literal android but the ever so wonderful and useful Android OS by Google. More and more people are turning to Android because of its open source nature. Be it streaming movies online without breaking a sweat, or watching a live football game for free– It’s easy on Android. On the other hand, iOS is more closed and secure, so people use it for official purposes. If you want to have fun with your phone and explore more of the Internet facilities for free, Android is best for you. There are millions of apps you can install on your android phone, some are free while others are paid. This article shares with you the ways on how to download paid apps for free?

Android OS has its official application store which contains all the legal apps which are tested by Google itself. The developer decides whether to sell its app for free or not. This leaves us with paid apps concept on play store. But there are ways through which you can download these apps(not all) for free. I am going to tell you different ways to get these android paid apps for free. If you only want to use Google play store then I suggest you read this article on how to earn free Google Play Credit.

There is some basic requirement listed below that you should know before using these android market paid apps fetching tricks:

  •  Your Android device must have OS higher or equivalent to 4.0
  •  The device should have a stable Internet connection.
  •  Basic Internet surfing knowledge.

Done with all the requirements? Let’s get started then:

1. BlackMart Alpha


Blackmart Alpha is an alternative to the Google Play Store for devices with an Android operating system, from Blackmart you can download many applications, without the need to have an account and Google without the need for any kind of registration.

The Google Play Store is a very comprehensive market and offers a number of applications, but unfortunately, on Google Play Store, there are many paid apps and some are not often available for download on select smartphones or tablets even though they might be compatible. This is where Blackmart comes in handy, follow below steps and download paid apps in an instant.

  • Download Blackmart Alpha apk using the download link given below.
  • Run the apk file and install the app on your phone.
  • Open the Blackmart app. You can find the search option on the top. Search for the app that you want to download.
  • Download the desired app and install it on your phone.

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2. AppVN

AppVN is another app store where you can get thousands of apps and games that you may or may not get on the official Google Play Store. AppVN is a popular third-party app store which gives access to download paid apps for free on your Android device.

You can get free apps on AppVN and you can use it across platforms to download free apps for different operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows. You do not require a rooted device to use AppVN application. Unlike other third-party app stores, AppVN updates the latest games and apps on its own and works on versatile platforms like iOS and Android. Download the AppVN app store below.

  •  Download Appvn apk using the download link given below.
  •  Locate the downloaded APK, run it and install the app on your phone.
  •  Now open the AppVN app on your android smartphone.
  •  Use the search box to find your desired apps.
  •  Install the apps for free from the AppVN app store.

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3. 4Shared


You might have come across this name before in your surfing expedition but may not be known what it really is. 4Shared is a cloud-based file hosting site that helps you find paid android apps for free. Not only that, one can find almost anything relevant to your search. Be it windows software, pictures, videos, music, pdf files, ebooks and other stuff can be downloaded from 4Shared. It is a legal site and its app is also available on play store(whose download tag I will give below).

You just need to sign up on 4shared to use its services. You can browse, download and upload files. You can find the paid Android app by searching it using the search option, and sort out which type of extension you want as a result. If you are looking for Android app, then you can choose apk as extension and search. Be careful about spams as here the files are uploaded by users like you and me, people often upload fake files.

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Developer: New IT Solutions
Price: Free

4. 1Mobile Market

1mobile market
Another dedicated third-party app store for free and paid android apps without any root. Your phone need not be rooted in order to download 1Mobile Market. It has more than a million trusted apps and games out of which you can search the app you want to download. If you find the apk of 1Mobile Market available on play store, don’t download it from there as it gives you limited access to free apps only. Use the download link provided below and follow the same steps as shown for other app stores. There is a good chance you will find the paid Android app for free here.

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5. Mobogenie Market

Mobogenie is a popular and powerful android market to download paid apps for free. It is similar to 4shared as it offers more than just paid apps. You can download free software, music, wallpapers, and other cool content from there. You may find a lite version of Mobogenie app on Google play store, but it gives limited access and does not show all content. A full version was also uploaded recently which was later taken down due to legal violations. It is a nice and compact app store which has an extensive collection of paid games and apps for free download. Get the Mobogenie apk below:

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6. Manually Search For apk Online

If none of the above application is able to provide you with relevant content, you are left with the only option of searching the paid app apk online and hope you find it for free. Use Google search engine to search for the apk file. There is a special trick to search on Google specific to a file type. Use ‘filetype: apk‘ filter when searching for apk file. for ex:
if you are searching for Clash of Clans game then search – ‘Clash of Clans filetype: apk’. This trick will reduce your search time and effort.

In the End

I hope you liked this list of various places and methods through which you can download paid app for free on your Android device. I am sure these methods will help you download the apps which are officially available on Google play store but are not free. These third-party Android market stores not only lets you download free apps but also exposes you to other cool content. Please comment down below if you found this helpful or if you know any other way to download paid android content for free. Check out Readvia.com for more awesome and useful content.

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