7 Apps To Run Dual WhatsApp | Parallel WhatsApp Account


Most people nowadays prefer to maintain a wall between their private and working lives and this calls for the need to maintain separate social networking accounts for every user. Most people use WhatsApp for instant messaging and the above reason also leads some of the users to maintain dual WhatsApp accounts as well. The WhatsApp application, by default, enables the users to have only one single account per device which compels most of the users to use an additional phone for the purpose of handling the other account. If you face the same problem, then you just need an app to run multiple Whatsapp on one phone.

Although some of the smartphone manufacturers have started introducing parallel space in their mobile phones which lets the users to have two WhatsApp or any other application accounts, there are certain applications that are developed for this purpose only. These parallel space apps are not compulsorily a rooted app for android. Hence, the users can make use of these enlisted applications rather than choosing to buy a new phone just to have another account.

The following section enlists some of the applications that help the users to maintain two different WhatsApp accounts on a single device without much hassle.

Apps That Enable Two WhatsApp Accounts In One Phone

These apps help other applications that you want to run parallel in a virtual space which enables both accounts to be awake every time simultaneously. The following are some of the applications that the users can take advantage of:

1. Go Multiple – Parallel Account

multi whatsapp

The day we started using WhatsApp, it was just a myth to use parallel WhatsApp on the same device. Years went by, and finally we have many apps that allow us to run dual WhatsApp in recent Android version, Go Multiple is one such App. Switching between apps instantly is made simple.

Unlike dedicated parallel WhatsApp apps like GBwhatAapp, Go Multiple works with most of the instant messaging apps. Not only this, if you love playing Games on Android, you can have two Google games opened at the same time. With an average user rating of 4.5, this is the app you should go for.

GO Multiple
GO Multiple
Developer: GOMO Go
Price: Free+

2. Parallel Space

parallel space whatsapp

Similar to the inbuilt features of most of the recent smartphones, the parallel space operates in a partition space on the device. Hence the users get to use the original version of the application but in a partition space. The application can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store on the compatible devices.

Apart from maintaining two WhatsApp accounts, the users can also use the application for cloning of other apps as well. The application provides the users with instant notification popups and protects the data using a password. The application also has an inbuilt task manager for the smooth functioning of the clone apps.

The users need to download the WhatsApp app into the partitioned storage space provided by parallel space, which would eventually lead to consumption of even more storage space on the device. There are no lags in the message and notification popups through WhatApp installed in the parallel space and the users get to enjoy all the features of WhatsApp.

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3. MoChat(Clone App) – Clone Multi Parallel Accounts


MoChat is the most used and recommended app for running dual Whatsapp on your mobile. It not only helps in running multiple Whatsapp accounts but also you can run any other social networking site’s or video game’s multiple account from your same phone.

More than ten million downloads and a near perfect rating of 4.6 on Google play store, Mochat is the best clone app to separate work and life. It allows logging in to more than three accounts at the same time, it’s even more faster and steady than other apps of the same category. All this awesomeness without spending a single penny!

4. Mutli-User Switch

multi user whatsapp

It is a top app for dual Whatsapp functionality. The application can be easily installed from Google Play Store and helps the users to use parallel WhatsApp accounts on the same device simultaneously. The app has a very simple user interface which helps the users to get the maximum benefits from the application. It has an inbuilt privacy and security features and options for quick switching between the interfaces. The storage space is separate and thus the user just uses the original version of the WhatsApp application simply operating in a partitioned space.

Multi-User Switch does not consume much RAM or battery of the smartphones and is compatible with the original version of the WhatsApp already functioning on the device. It is a must-have for all those who wish to run double WhatsApp accounts on a single device without any application compatibility issues.

5. GbWhatsapp

The application lets the users maintain dual WhatsApp accounts on a single device. GbWhatsapp is packed with all the features that the original version of the WhatsApp provides to the users and even beyond. The additional features include theme tweaks, enhanced messaging facilities, numerous extra emojis, improved privacy options and much more. The application is currently not available in the Google Play Store and needs to be downloaded in form of apk file and manually installed on the device.

The user interface on the app is quite simple and has a lot of additional features. The application has no compatibility issues with the original version of the WhatsApp. It also has an inbuilt security feature which ensures the privacy of the users.

6. 2 Lines For Whazzap

2 whatsapp in one phone

This application which helps the users to operate two different WhatsApp accounts on a single device can be downloaded from the Google Play Store on the rooted smartphones only. The file size of the application is very small which is just about 1.05 MB and it offers the users with a lot of features in a very small file size. It is highly helpful for all those who wish to download 2 WhatsApp accounts for their different cell phone numbers.

The application provides the users with a range of useful features like auto back up and restore. It has a very simple user interface which makes the application a lot easy to use.

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7. multiple accounts (2 accounts)

multiple accounts

MA(Multiple Accounts) is again a trustworthy clone app that will help you maintain work life balance. If you have two accounts for messaging and are tired to log in and out to receive
different messages, Multiple Accounts(2 Accounts) is especially developed for you. Be it Whatsapp messaging, online gaming, or social media – the clone app will help you use more than 2 accounts on the same phone parallelly.

With the fast switch between interface and easy recognition, you don’t have to worry about log out/log in again and again. Multiple Accounts(2 Accounts) is free to install and use but you can become a VIP member by paying some amount which gives you more security privilege.


The rising need for the operation of multiple WhatsApp accounts by a single user has led many smartphone brands to introduce parallel or clone app features on their device. Still, these applications which are available free of cost to the users provide an instant and efficient solution to the worry.

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