7 Free Anime Apps To Watch Anime On Android Device


If there’s one type of entertainment media that is for everyone, it is anime! From kids to adolescents to adults, everyone seems to be intrigued by the plot, graphics, and characters depicted in an anime show. However, the west still didn’t get the latest shows and simulcasts which were being aired in Japan. Today, we have a horde of free anime apps, enabling anime fans across the world to watch new anime content. All of this, without costing an arm and a leg.

What’s more? You no longer have to rely on a television set or a computer. Android is flooding with useful Apps for movies, series & anime. Just a smartphone and a steady internet connection; and you’re good to go! Since you’re on this page, we’re assuming that you want to know the best anime streaming apps available to watch anime on your mobile device. Therefore, we’ve picked out the anime app that we’ve personally tested and loved! Check them out.

List of Free Apps To Watch Anime On Android Device

1. Crunchyroll 

Crunchyroll anime app

As stated by several digital sources, Crunchyroll is regarded as the “Father of All Anime Streaming Services”; and rightly so. Launched more than over a decade ago, the service currently features 800+ anime series comprised of over 25,000 episodes. Aside from that you can also read about 50 popular manga titles and watch roughly 200 interesting Asian dramas. The site also has a store that sells all things anime including Blu-Ray DVDs and figurines. As of now, Crunchyroll boasts of over 23 million users globally.

They offer a premium subscription, priced at $6.95 a month, allowing members to stream unlimited shows, simulcasts, and manga, sans ads in either 720p or 1080p resolution.

2. Viewster

Viewster online anime

Founded in Switzerland, Viewster is an ad-supported free anime app which offers free streaming of content to its users in English, Japanese, German, Spanish, and French. As of today, it has over 12,000 titles including classics, documentaries, Korean drama, indie films, comedy specials, and of course, anime. You can watch anime titles like Highschool of the Dead, Ghost in the Shell, and School Days.

While the vastness of its anime-catalogue is incomparable to that of other anime apps, we love Viewster for being user-friendly. This anime streaming app is available in more than 120 nations and can be downloaded on both, iOS and Android devices. The best part is that you don’t need to register yourself and can get started right away.

Viewster – Anime & Fandom TV
Viewster – Anime & Fandom TV

3. Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Powered by crunchyroll

Well, this one’s a no-brainer. If you like free stuff and are a huge fan of Naruto, download this free anime app without a second thought. Although the app is powered by Crunchyroll itself, it is solely dedicated to the Naruto series; thanks to it becoming a global phenomenon; quite literally. You can watch all the episodes for free in HD quality, along with English subtitles.

The only catch is that the free version is suffused with advertisements. The app would keep prompting you to sign up for the paid membership on Crunchyroll for an ad-free experience with better features but you don’t really have to do that if you don’t plan on watching a lot of anime. The user-interface is much like its developer, Crunchyroll. If at any point you wish to access the latest simulcasts or other content, you could always upgrade your subscription.

4. Animelab

Often pitted against Crunchyroll, Funimation Now, Animelab is owned by the well-renowned company, Sony Pictures Entertainment and is a subsidiary of the long-standing anime distributors in the West, Funimation. It kicked off as recently and soon entered into a competitive world of anime streaming so as to be able to offer more content variety.

Though it does upload fresh content regularly, it is better known for featuring classics such as the ones mentioned above. Similar to Crunchyroll, Funimation, Animelab also offers some of the best anime shows. While you can stream limited content for free, i’d highly suggest that you subscribe to their paid membership.

AnimeLab - Watch Anime Free
AnimeLab - Watch Anime Free
Price: To be announced

5. watch anime online

watch anime online

An application that may not completely awe you but certainly caters to the basic need of streaming anime through an app. Watch anime online is developed by AnimeStudio which made it possible to stream anime in English. Now you can watch English dubbed anime series in HD quality. The app is totally free to download and use that you can access on your phone or tablet or any other Android device.

Watch Anime Online
Watch Anime Online
Developer: AnimeStudio
Price: Free

6. Kitsu – Anime

kitsu anime

Kitsu stands out from any other free anime apps because of its high ratings and the cool feature of sharing your favorite anime or any other thought with the anime community. I must tell you beforehand that this app doesn’t offer streaming services, it is for socializing with others and discovering new anime content through its extensive community. You can keep a track of what you’re watching, what you’ve watched or want to watch.

Find out new & interesting anime based on the app’s category and streaming platforms. Kitsu Anime app alsooffers advance filters to narrow down the search of anime you want to watch.

Kitsu: Anime
Kitsu: Anime
Developer: Kitsu, Inc.
Price: Free

7. Anime TV

anime TV App
                                                                Animania App

Kissanime app is back. Now experience premium content with additional benefits such dubbed anime and entry into exclusive anime series. Alternatively, you may also download anime series for free, with brief commercials, in 480p video quality. One of the best free anime apps you install from Play store. Although the app design is slightly disappointing, the functionality is on par with other highly revered streaming services. Love subbed anime? Look no further!

Having a good number of positive reviews, I can definitely recommend it as a best anime streaming apps you can download for Android.

8. Anime HD Watch

Kiss anime App for Android

One of the best-rated free anime apps on Android, Anime HD Watch is an ideal option if you want to stream a large database of anime for free and don’t mind being interrupted by a few ads here and there. At present, it has 100 anime titles in 18+ genres. This content is mostly available in high definition unless the original video itself has a poor resolution.

The anime app offers mainly dubbed versions of the content so if that’s what you prefer, thumbs up! Furthermore, you can even download content in case you wish to watch it later. That said, the app’s major drawback lies in the fact that certain episodes from certain shows are missing, but those can be accessed using torrents. Nonetheless, for a free service, this is definitely a steal!

9. Yahoo View

Yahoo Anime Streaming App

Initially established as a free VOD service in 2007, Hulu has expanded its product-spread and evolved into one of the best all-around streaming services available today. Yahoo View is an initiative of Yahoo and Hulu to let people the real taste of online streaming. It has always trodden as per consumer demands and thanks to the ever-so burgeoning popularity of anime, the company added quite a few popular anime titles to its pre-existing colossal library.

Few of the most-watched anime series you can enjoy on this anime app includes Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and Stein’s Gate. Though it doesn’t have as big an anime selection as other apps listed here, its a great choice for those who love to have everything in one place – from movies to TV shows to anime to Live channels. 

10. Netflix

Netflix anime Application

Cannot compromise on a premium interface and superlative customer service? Then Netflix should definitely be your top pick. Surprised? Yes, Netflix too has a decent library of anime movies and series, including originals. Similar to Anime TV, Netflix also lets you download a few select titles. It is not just a anime app but all in all a great streaming app for movies and other TV series. Netflix offers mainly three plans hinged on the number of simultaneous screens and video resolution.

Though this may seem pretty steep, Netflix actually great value for money since you also get access to the much-acclaimed Netflix originals (non-anime) and other movies & TV shows.

Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Price: Free+


We have tried only those free anime apps which are officially available on Google Play store not on third-party website. Many of the apps mentioned in this list don’t work outside of the U.S, Australia, or New Zealand. However, you may use a good-quality VPN service to tackle this issue.

To Conclude

Whether your ISP has blocked off an anime site or you don’t really have many anime channels on cable TV in your region, you can use these anime streaming apps to quench your daily anime thirst. Do let us know if we’ve missed out on any of your favorite anime app. Check out the rest of the website to know more about how to stream anime and read manga on your phone.

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