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Anime is different from other forms of cartoons in terms of the strong storyline it provides, stunning visuals, and emotional depth & involvement that you get watching it. So I still have that passion for storing cool thrilling animes on my hard drive so that they are always with me. To fulfill this obsession I had to scrutinize and weed out many anime download sites and because of that, I have a list of virus free, working, showing minimal ads websites to download anime online for free

I have already discussed some best websites which let you stream free anime online. In this article, the main focus is on the anime download sites that offer free anime to download. These websites offer download of subbed anime shows and if you are lucky you might even get dubbed anime to download. The quality of the content is HD and you will be immersed in the story once you start watching it. So without further ado let’s see where to download Anime for free.

List of Websites To Download Full-Length Anime Series

1. Kissanime

Download anime series from kissanime

If you watch anime then you already know about this one! Kissanime is the most loved anime site on the Internet. On this site, you can either stream anime online or download it and watch it whenever you feel like. It arguably has the most number of anime shows in its database. The free anime website provides both subbed and dubbed anime for download. Not only that, you can also request for the animes that aren’t available on the site and the requesting team will do their best to provide you with that anime as soon as possible.

Kissanime also has an anime forum which helps you with your queries, share your thoughts, read what other people have to say and much more. It also provides an extension to read manga online, you can also read novels or buy anime merchandise from the free anime website.

2. Animeout

Animeout is an awesome Japanese animation website exclusively built for anime downloads. The website has been active for more than 10 years now and has created a huge database of free animes. There are mainly 3 ways you can download anime from animeout. The first is direct download link which was first only available for donators(Patreons) but now non-donators can also download free anime using direct links. The second option is through mega links and the third option is mega torrents.

The downloads are pretty simple and if you find any problem you can raise a ticket by contacting the animeout team. The site also has a recommendations column where they provide latest anime recommendations which I’m sure you will like.

3. Animetosho

Screenshot of animetosho

This is another free anime downloads site which provides you with direct links. These are torrent links so you will need a torrent client to download the file. The average Look and feel of animetosho do not do justice to the website but what it lacks there, the content makes up for it. You can download the whole season of anime in bulk by just a single click. The anime download site also has an interactive forum where you can learn about new animes to watch, make friends or follow other anime lovers.

4. Masterani

A master indeed in providing latest anime in a short span of time. Masterani is a cool and innovative free anime download site which is a treat to operate. The best thing about this anime stream is that it has a unique feature called ‘release schedule’ which tells you in advance on which day the next latest episode of any series will be uploaded. This helps me a long way as I don’t have to search every now and then to watch my favorite anime.

The website also displays rating (by users) of the shows, so that you get a good idea which anime to start watching next.

5. Project-gxs

Projectgxs screenshot

A WordPress based free anime download site that provides its users direct or torrent links of their favorite anime. The user interface of the website is basic, nice and cool which also tells you whether the anime is ongoing or completed.

project-gxs offers high-quality anime content(720p, Blu-ray) and lets you download whole seasons of the shows you want to watch. You can help them to keep this project alive by donating them money through the website itself. I personally am a fan of project-gxs team and hope that they keep delivering us the awesome anime content that is updated daily.

6. Animeworldbd

Another website which lets you watch anime online as well as take it offline by downloading it on your device. Their database is extensive, the categories are informative, the team looks cool. All in all, this free anime site deserves to be on this list of where to download anime? You can directly download the anime, choose from the range of quality of video and download the whole bunch of episodes together.

The creators have stopped uploading new content to their anime website due to the lack of funds. This does not mean that everything is wiped from animeworldbd, the already uploaded content is still available for download. I hope that the free download website for animes will be back to its original form in no time.

7. Animerush


Another gem of an anime website for all the anime lovers. Animerush.tv is filled with old and new, awesome and cool, thrilling and engaging anime shows and movies. You can stream online or download shows based on the different genres that are listed on the site. The anime download sites also display a list of ongoing shows which is good for keeping track. There is a column named as “surprise me” which displays unique anime shows that you can watch. These recommendations are mostly to the point and can be trusted.

8. Animetorrents

Animetorrents has an extensive database of anime shows, anime movies, and manga. It provides the links to torrents so you will require a torrent client to download files from here. The site does not contain any ads and won’t inflict your device with pop-ups. Though, you will be required to register first before you can take advantage of the free anime site.

Anime torrent has a forum also which will keep you updated with the latest buzz of the anime universe. The site does not have a mobile version but looks and works fine when using a desktop version of phones also.

9. Chia-anime

anime download site chia anime

Chia tv is a lightweight, simple, free anime website that loads very quickly on PC’s and phones as well. You can either stream online or download anime to watch it later at your own leisure. You won’t find many ads on this website and it is very easy to navigate and use. Chia-anime.tv has a distinguished category for dubbed mangas which is very helpful for the viewers who like to watch dubbed anime. The uploading of new animes to their website is comparatively faster than other websites and the frequency of uploads is also high.

10. Nyaa

Nyaa.si basically provides direct torrent links or magnet links of the anime shows you want to watch. The free website to stream and download anime in high quality is very basic in its looks but does the job that we want. It has a variety of animes to choose from. On nyaa.si, you can easily create your profile and upload the torrents and be a part of their journey. Read the rules of the anime site before uploading content to it.

A use of simple torrent client is needed to rule and use this website. There are lots of clients available for Windows and Android. You can use one of your choices.

11. Animeland

animeland website

A relatively new website to stream and download anime online. Animeland offers the most famous and interesting anime series for you to stream online which you can download for later viewing. There is a separate section for dubbed anime which gives this website an upper hand as there are not many sites that offer dubbed anime.

Animeland also lets you download anime movies as they have built a separate category just for that purpose only. You can also search for your favorite anime through the search button of the site. Another cool feature of Animeland is that it has a chat functonality through which you can interact with other anime lovers. All in all, it is a great anime site and must be checked out if you looking to download anime for free.

Wrapping It Up

These are the best anime download sites that provide almost all the animes available online. Some of the sites also offer dubbed anime while all offer subbed anime. The quality of content is exceptionally good with small size so that you save your precious data also. I am sure that you will find the anime shows you are looking for in any of the above-told websites. We keep on adding more of such websites. Do tell us about other free sites to download anime so that I can add it to this list.

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