7 Free Manga Apps To Read Manga on Android


Hi there, Anime lover! I am guessing you are an anime lover because you are reading this article. And if you are not a Manga and Anime Fan, then these list of manga apps will make you one. But First things first, What is Manga?

Manga is comics created in Japan or by creators in the Japanese Language, conforming to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century. Do not misinterpret that comics are only for children’s. In Japan, people of all ages read manga. These Mangas are transformed into Japanese animation which is known as anime.

I am often asked, “From where do you read Manga?” So I am sharing some of the best free manga apps for your Android that are easily available on Google play store.

Best Manga Apps To Read Manga Online On The Go

1. Comixology


This app was mainly built for regular Marvels or DC comics readers. But it also has a pretty good collection and a segregated section for Manga also. You can download the app for free or can get the premium subscription for $5.99.

It lets you read manga at a reasonable price or you can subscribe to Comixology’s service and read the manga for free.  This free manga app was specifically built for reading comics so it’s quite a soothing experience reading manga in it.

Developer: comiXology
Price: Free

2. Crunchyroll Manga

crunchyroll manga

Crunchyroll is a leader in free anime Stream with the largest English subtitle anime database. They also have a separate manga app called Crunchyroll manga. If you subscribe to Crunchyroll anime then you also get full access to all their mangas. You can access the latest manga as soon as it becomes available in Japan!

It supports a full mobile view, which allows maximum scale per panel. This free app is a one-stop shop for all the Manga enthusiasts.

Crunchyroll Manga
Crunchyroll Manga
Developer: Ellation, Inc.
Price: Free

3. Manga Rock

manga rock

With over a million downloads Manga rock can be your go-to manga app. It has a huge library of thousands of manga titles with high-quality images. This free manga app updates its database frequently. You can discover new and exciting manga, some hidden gems through their editorial collection & recommendation. It lets you choose from a variety of manga sources like Batoto, MangaHere, Kiss Manga, etc.

Manga rock even lets you download images to your devices so that you can view it later without any internet connection. This app utilizes its sources to provide manga in English, Japanese, German, and some other languages.

4. Manga Zone

manga zone

Manga Zone is a free android application to read manga online. They claim to have more than 15000 titles translated into English to read online for free. It gives a great selection of new manga and makes it very easy to keep track of them. Manga zone also let you download content for offline read. It even notifies you of the new chapters when they are uploaded.

A quick tip: If you see an error message like “failed to retrieve data or won’t load Manga anymore” just clear the cache within the app and it will start working like normal again.

Developer: WSV
Price: Free

5. ComicRack


ComicRack is another free manga app that is optimised for your phone and tablet. It gives you option between single and double page viewing with zoom modes. You can adjust colors of the app according to your viewing choices. The manga viewing app allows you to bookmark mangas, moreover, it lets you read the status of mangas whether it is unread, completed, bookmarked, etc.

ComicRack app has a USB synchronization with ComicRack for PC which means it will sync your data between the app and PC. ComicRack also includes a highly configurable app widget that allows you to glimpse into your library and start reading immediately if you see something you like.

ComicRack Free
ComicRack Free
Developer: cYo Soft
Price: Free

6. Manga Box

manga box

This is my favorite manga app. It’s free, offers original content by popular Japanese authors, the app itself is plain, user-friendly, and responsive. All the content that gets uploaded here is totally free to read. And do not misinterpret that if the app is free then the manga content won’t be top quality. It is top notch and gets updated on daily basis.

Manga Box: Manga App
Manga Box: Manga App
Price: To be announced

7. Viz Media Manga

viz media manga

All the other apps present in the list were manga apps but Viz media is a manga publisher. Manga lovers may already know about their weekly magazine known as Shonen Jump. They also launched an app recently with the same name that lets you digitally read the weekly Shonen magazine.

You can read thrilling mangas like one piece, one punch man, Boruto, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, Dragon Ball Super, and lot more. It even lets you download manga for offline read, you can bookmark your favorite moments. New Chapters are added every day and new series are updated monthly. This manga app is a must for a hardcore anime and manga lover.

Shonen Jump Manga Reader
Shonen Jump Manga Reader
Developer: Viz Media
Price: To be announced

Wrap Up

Manga is not an entertainment source just for children’s but for all age groups. These top app authenticated by Google itself is just a touch away. Do try them and let us know your experience. Also, share your views if you think I missed any other manga app.

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