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After a day’s hard toil, if there is anything that can uplift your mood, it is none other than music. Music plays a vital role in everyone’s life. It works wonders for a person who either feels low or is in a state of dejection and gloominess. It is none other than a way to escape from the routine life.

Enjoying music is considered to be an excellent therapy for human souls, which is why the music industry is growing at exponential rate. Thanks to music platforms & free music download apps that has now become very easy to access due to the contribution free applications. With the assistance of these mp3 downloader apps, music lovers can now indulge themselves in a variety of activities.

They can just sign in and enjoy their favorite track or can even download the music which they like the most. The most important feature of these apps is that they are rich in every genre of music and they even provide the platform for creating music lover’s personalized library.

The Best Free Music Download (Mp3 Downloader App) Are as Follows

1. Songily

It is one of the best available app when you talk about free music download. One of the best things is they have a diverse array of options available when it comes to searching for your favorite music. Although its a young app, it has got a lot of popularity because of a very large number of reasons.

You might have no idea but Songily is one of the favorite free music download app of so many youngsters. It has attained popularity in the shortest possible time. You can find all the latest mp3 songs available on this app to download free of cost.

Developer: SONGily
Price: Free

2. Download Mp3 Music

mp3 music download app

Mp3 Music Download is a free music app that has a good number of active and satisfied users. Just after its launch, it got great download figures. The leading reason is the quality of sound and a diverse array of options of free music to download. You need not to worry about the quality irrespective of the song you download. There is no strict upper limit on downloading.

You can simply proceed with it and share music with your closed ones without worrying about anything. Also, most of the files available are in MP3 format and thus, there is no need for you to convert them to make them compatible with your device.

Download Mp3 Music
Download Mp3 Music
Developer: Outly LTD.
Price: Free

3. WynK Music

Wync is another popular app that allows you to stream, as well as download your favorite mp3 song. Released by Airtel, this app is available for one and all. It is known to make all latest songs available in their database just after its release. Also, you can easily keep up the pace all the time when it comes to searching your favorite stuff.

Actually, it’s a very popular free music app and chances are you might already be familiar with it. It has around 1.8 millions songs. The good thing is you can apply various filters to narrow your search. This makes you find your favorite music easily and for sure.

Wynk Music: Songs, Radio & MP3
Wynk Music: Songs, Radio & MP3
Developer: Airtel
Price: To be announced

4. 4Shared

4shared music downloader

This mp3 downloader app has gone a lot of popularity when it comes to streaming music without compromising the sound quality. With a huge library, you can search for Western, Indian as well as other popular songs easily. You are even allowed to download. With the quickly increasing popularity of this app, more and more users are preferring it when it comes to downloading their favorite music simply. The good thing is there is no subscription fee and the app is available totally free.

Developer: New IT Solutions
Price: Free

5. AudioMack

If you are a fan of EDM music, this is one of the best music download app that can take your mood to next level. There is a large selection of mp3 music which you can download and play. One of the best things about this app is it simply let users to get their favorite songs on their device. This is because of availability of around million of songs in their database.

They are known to meet the standards and choices of almost every music lover. The good thing is you need not to worry about the ads. Just by paying around $2 you can get rid of those. The fact is there is a very limited number of ones and they don’t interrupt you while downloading your favorite song.

Audiomack - Download New Music
Audiomack - Download New Music

6. SoundCloud

Free Music Download Soundcloud

SoundCloud is a popular music app. Although there are a lot of songs you can download, not all the mp3 files are allowed for direct download. The music download app also has a premium version. The best part is they also allow you to store 8GB of music in your account and that’s too free of cost. It’s like getting an 8GB memory card free of cost with your gadget.

There are several options to search and download free music. You can find all popular albums and artists while searching on this platform. One of the major factors is there is no strict upper limit on downloading the files that are allowed.

SoundCloud - Music & Audio
SoundCloud - Music & Audio

7. Music Maniac

Music Maniac is a delightful app that is known for the ease it provides its users for mp3 streaming and for free music download. There are certain songs and in fact in different categories and languages. You are free to download them without paying any money. The app is available for both Android, as well as for iPhone users simply on the concerned stores.

Downloading them also doesn’t need a huge bandwidth as it’s a light app. The mp3 download app is known to have all-time favorite songs with them. It is also possible for the users to share them with others without downloading.

8. Gtunes Music Downloader

Gtunes Music downloader is a prestigious app that has a very small size. It only needs around 1MB of storage on your device. However, the good thing is there is no limit to music download as it is totally free of cost. The only condition is you need to listen to the full song before you are allowed to download it.

Of course, it’s not a bad deal and the best part is you can surely find the song you want on this platform.  Some users call this app a blessing to them by the music community.

9. Music Download Paradise

Well, if you are a music lover, it’s recommended that you try this mp3 downloader. The fact is it’s already having a very large number of highly satisfied users. You can easily find the music of your choice and can download the same freely. Due to advanced searching options and filters, it is possible to find the music you need easily.

Also, it is known for the faster downloads. You can even download multiple files simultaneously. It is also possible to set the default download storage on your device when you use. So next time when you download a file, it directly saves to your desired folder or location.

Premium Mp3 Downloader Apps

1. Saavn

Saavn is a digital distributor of English, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali and various other regional music from the United States of America. It got established in the year 2007 and is now present in more than 200 countries. Saavn is a paid music app and offers unlimited access to different genres of music content.

It is the perfect companion for a music lover and always deliver the best mp3 music to its listeners. Lovers of music have the facility of playing music on-demand, searching for their favorite track, creating their own playing and even sharing them. Saavn radio is also available along with this app.

Saavn Music & Radio
Saavn Music & Radio
Developer: Saavn
Price: Free+

2. Napster

Napster App

It is yet another eminent and paid app which has helped its members to stream various music online. It cares for its users and as such provide them access to a wide variety of musical content without any advertisement. Napster does not let its users feel deserted and always accompany them wherever they are.

It is the perfect mate for office goers, travelers, homemakers, students and the ones who are on vacation as well. They have their own team of experts who developed a platform for members all around the world, to gather together and relish fresh content anywhere and at any time.


3. Spotify

download music with spotify

Just like Napster, Spotify is well-known, paid music download app that allows the users to get an instant access to an ocean of music. It has won the heart of millions of music lovers by providing them with rich collections that comprise of latest hit songs to the old all-time favorites.

Just a single click on the play button will help music lovers to stream whatever music they want to listen.  This app even works on all type of devices like TV, computer, tablet and even mobile. There are even no interruptions and no advertisements and as such one can simply drown in pure music.

Spotify Music
Spotify Music
Developer: Spotify Ltd.
Price: Free

Wrap Up

I hope you liked the collection of these free music download apps that are easy to use and a delight to listen to. The other three premium mp3 downloader are added so you can get a pristine experience. Comment down below if you know any other music download app that deserves to be on this list.

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