Google Opinion Rewards: How To Earn Free Google Play Credit


Every android user uses Google play store. Some of the apps in it are free and some are paid. How about earning some free cash that you can use as your Google play credit. You can use this free google play credit for buying movies, music, games, etc.

Google opinion rewards is one of the most useful but underused application. It lets you earn free google play credits by asking you to answer some surveys. Google Opinion Rewards is not as famous as other Google applications. I find it very useful. They are literally giving money in the form of google play credits. Other companies or Google itself needs data for various purposes which they ask through this app in surveys.

The data that we share later helps us only one way or the other. This article will tell you how to download opinion rewards and how to use it optimally to earn maximum Google play credit.

Download Google Opinion Rewards

  •  Go to Google play store and search for Google Opinion Rewards or simply Click here.
  •  Once the app is successfully downloaded and installed, open it.
  •  Link it to your google mail id.
  •  It will ask for your Name, Country, and Zip Code. Provide necessary information.
  •  Read and agree to the terms & conditions to an initial questionnaire for Google to understand your profile.
  •  It may again ask for the zip code of your location. Enter the zip code.
  •  Answer the initial survey of 6 question which is just to check your level of interest. It will not generate any credit.
  •  All the steps are completed. Now just wait for the next time you get a chance to answer a survey.

google rewards

The time at which surveys are posted is random. Also, You won’t get free google play credit every time you answer questionnaire on Google Rewards. But there a few tips which would help you get the maximum out of the rewarding app.

Earn Maximum Free Google Play Credit From Google Opinion Rewards

  • Keep Notifications On

When you install any app then you get the choice to keep notifications on or off for that app. Keep notifications on for Google Opinion Rewards. This way you can answer surveys quickly which actually matters to Google.

  • Keep Location History On

Google will use your phone data to select and send a survey to you. So, it would be better for you if you keep your location history on. This will increase your chances of getting more surveys. To enable location history go to “Settings > Location > Google Location History and turn it on.

  •  Roam Around

You may visit new places if you want Google to consistently post you with surveys. Google will track your location and eventually it will know about your daily whereabouts. So, if you go to new places or even change your daily route(from office to home or where ever you go daily), you have more chances of earning free google play credit. I have experienced it myself.

While I was working and was following same routine daily, I would not get many reviews. but then I went on a vacation and I would receive at least 2-3 reviews daily. Take the advice and go on a vacation, don’t you think you need one!

  • Be Honest

Answer the questionnaire honestly. Google will reward you more if you are honest with your answers. To check your honesty, they may send same questions over a period of time. If you are inconsistent with your answers then Google opinion will stop sending you surveys.

How To Use Free Google Play Credit

Keep in mind that you cannot convert this free google play credit into cash. You can only use it to buy movies, music, games, etc in play store. Also, the credits will expire in one year, so use them before that.

To use your credits just click on “Spend you Google Play Credit“. Go to Google Store and tap into movies, app, music, or any other content you want to buy.

Wrap Up

Google opinion rewards is a great app for users who like to buy stuff on Google Store. It’s easy and simple – you just need to answer some questions to earn free google play credit. If you liked these tips to earn credits then comment below and do share it with your friends.

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