Is The Walking Dead On Hulu? Find What You Can Watch


Is The Walking Dead On Hulu? Hulu-ers are often confused about the shows they get to stream on Hulu. The Walking Dead is one of the best Shows on AMC network. As AMC is available under Hulu Networks, people often ask, Is The Walking Dead On Hulu?

Zombies are anything but pleasant. Those living corpses are nasty, gross, filled with dark elements and yet, we eagerly wait for them to grace our entertainment screens, hacking our stress away along with some human heads. The Walking Dead is one such show that follows the life of Rick Grimes, the sheriff’s deputy, who defeats coma only to be confronted with a zombie apocalypse.

The show’s massive fan following is proof enough that you can’t go wrong with a zombie drama series. The Walking Dead is currently on its 7th season and airs every Sunday on AMC network but unfortunately, a lot of us are unable to follow the official broadcasting schedule. We’ve got a few alternative solutions but first, let’s address the topic in question:

Is “The Walking Dead” on Hulu?

As heartbreaking as this news may be, The Walking Dead is NOT available on Hulu. Although Hulu is undeniably one of the best on-demand streaming services available today with a huge array of shows, it doesn’t have the rights to air the aforementioned show.

But here’s your silver lining – the spin-off series “Fear The Walking Dead”, which is a prequel to “The Walking Dead”, is available exclusively on Hulu.

This new show offers an experience akin to the original series with an equally riveting plot in which two dysfunctional families come together to ride out the walker catastrophe. You wouldn’t actually be missing much!

Having said that, we’re aware of the fact that no spin-off can ever tower above the original show. But if you’re subscribed to Hulu already, this new show promises to give you your daily dose of blitz and bedlam.

Will Hulu Air the Walking Dead Anytime Soon?

Probably not. There’s no word on any future possibilities of streaming The Walking Dead on Hulu.

We’re not sure exactly why they couldn’t secure rights for the Walking dead but here’s a good news for loyal Hulu-ers – two years ago, the VOD company bagged an exclusive deal with AMC channel, obtaining rights to air new and upcoming TV series. This means that you can get access to all AMC’s future programming on Hulu. Excited? Now let’s cut to the chase.

How To Watch The Walking Dead Online?

Here are a few answers to this question:

  • AMC’s Website: You can watch the show by simply logging onto the AMC website so long as the channel is part of your satellite package. AMC uploads the latest episodes which are available for viewing up to one month from the official airdate.
  • Sling TV: If you can’t wait for the episodes to be uploaded at a later time, you can stream the show at a monthly fee of about $20 as its being aired, along with over 20 other networks. This in our opinion is an amazing deal.
  • Netflix: Just starting on with the show? You can watch all the episodes of season 1 through 5 on Netflix at a price of only $9.99 a month. Note that you will not be able to watch the most recent episodes on this platform so if you’re looking for the newest seasons, choose from the other options.
  • iTunes: You can enjoy all the seasons of the Walking Dead on iTunes but be informed that unlike other on-demand services, iTunes doesn’t charge a monthly fee. Instead, you’ll have to pay separately for each season that you choose to watch.
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