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Thinking of cutting the cord? It’s high time you Do. We have come a long way considering there was a time when you had to sit in front of the TV at a specific time to watch your favorite TV series or show. The makers dictated the television media. Well, that’s not the case anymore! There are a plethora of TV platforms you can watch TV on. This post focuses on some of the best Live TV streaming Sites one can find on the Internet.

With the rising internet, platforms like Hulu, Sling, Youtube, Direct TV have flourished their presence over the internet. These services are here to stay. These are usually paid service similar to your cable TV but are digital and more flexible.

Thanks to online TV sites, you can now watch live TV at your own comfort. These are the best live TV streaming sites mentioned here which works region wise so pick the website that works best for you. The list consists of both free and subscription-based websites that let you stream movies, TV shows, and live TV channels. You will surely find what you are looking to stream.

List of Live TV Streaming Sites That Works Well In 2018

1. hyfytv


HyfyTV is an Indian origin free TV streaming site that provides hyfy live TV access to all Indian TV channels. Be it any genre or any regional channel, hyfyTV has it all. The website is clean, no pop-ups, fast, and easy to use. It also offers some TV channels of foreign languages other than English like French, Spanish, German, etc.

I accessed this website on my PC as well as on my phone and it worked great but my friend got some issues accessing it. If you face problem accessing it, add HYFYTV chrome extension on your chrome browser. Once you open the website, it will automatically redirect you to Chrome web store from where you can add the hyfy extension. For security and privacy purposes, remove the extension once you are done with your TV session.

2. Stream2watch.org

stream 2 watch

This free TV streaming website is specially added for sports lover readers. If you are on the run and are unable to catch up on the match you desperately wanted to watch, open stream2watch and watch it live.

One of the best sports streaming sites, it streams major sports like Soccer, Basketball, Boxing, Golf, Cricket, Hockey, etc. Stream2watch also shows schedule of the upcoming matches that will be streamed live on the website. Apart from sports, you can stream other Live TV channels of various countries without spending any money.

One may find the user interface of the website outdated and somewhat less expressive but it is as much effective as any other free TV streaming site. You just need to catch a habit of it and after that, you’re good to roll!

3. USTV Now

ustv now

One of the most famous live TV streaming website in the USA. The use of USTV now is totally legal, it offers a lot of American and other English channels where you can watch live and recorded TV shows. The site mainly has 3 plans out of which 1 is totally free. The free plan requires you to sign up through your Facebook or Google handle.

After that, you can get access to 6 channels, HD for 45 days, limited DVR, and access to movie rentals. The other plans cost $19 & $29 which offer all the channels supported by USTV and some added features.

4. FreeeTV


As the name tells, Freee TV provides free TV channels. Not one or two, but more than 1000 TV channels you can access on this live TV streaming site. The Streaming platform has all the major TV channels of America, Europe, India, and other parts of the world. You can also search for channels as per category.

The website shows news, Sport, weather channels, anime, and all other types of TV series and shows. Having all the channels in its bucket this site is a one-stop location for all TV lovers. Be it sports, movies or news, FreeeTV is a good website to watch TV online.

It is an easy trick to find out Live Streaming of TV channel that you want to watch online. Follow these steps:

1. Open the browser that you generally use, I prefer Chrome.

2. Click and type on search box the following

  •  [Channel name] live streaming
  •  live streaming [Channel Name]

for ex: If I want to watch WWE wrestling on Ten sports, I will write ‘[ten sports] live streaming‘, that’s it.

5. Crackle


Crackle is the biggest platform for streaming online content when it comes to free watching. The website is very easy to use and search for content you want to watch. You can watch anime shows, movies, TV series, documentaries and other original Crackle content on the website.

Crackle also has a movie streaming app for Android and iOS users which is also free to download. The free TV Streaming platform is currently available in the United States, Canada, Australia and South America only.

Crackle has been and will stay with us as long as it maintains its USP(Unique Selling Point)of the vast & extensive database that it has. It not only offers free Live TV streaming but you can you find almost anything in it. A pretty good site to explore!

6. BBC iplayer

bbc iplayer

This online streaming site is an initiative of British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC). The website lets you anytime watch your favorite TV shows as you can add the title to your profile and watch it later. It also streams live TV channels like BBC one, TWO, III, S4C, etc. The free TV streaming website is also well known for the vast news stories it covers. You can browse different fields like sports, news, weather, entertainment, the comedy based on the different categories.

The live TV website also has some original BBC content which can also be watched for free. The only downfall with BBC iplayer is that it is only available in the UK.

7. TVplayer

tv player

Another very good variant in live TV streaming if you are planning to cut the cable cord. TVplayer has more than 100 famous TV channels which can be streamed live around the world. There is no region restriction on this site. Some of the channels are free to watch while other can be viewed by paying some amount of subscription fee. TVplayer also lets the users access all the channels for free for a trial period. After that, if you want to continue the same, you can buy a subscription.

Watch free TV shows, stream live channels, record the content you want to watch later, browse the different channels available. You can also search for your favorite tv shows or watch on-demand content.

8. TV Catch Up

tv catch up

TV catch up lets you watch UK TV channels for free. The website has a collection of live UK channels which are limited in number but the haste and simplicity of the website make it all worth. The free live tv streaming site also displays a TV guide which tells the user which show is running on which channel, how much of the show remains, what’s gonna come next, etc.

TV catch up also has a number of apps with the same name for iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Windows. It is also supported on Chromecast. Previously, there were more digital channels on the website but due to some legal issues, they were taken off and TV catch up now has a limited number of channels. As of now, you cannot watch previously aired TV shows, though the streaming platform team ensures that they are working on a library.

9. Epctv.com

epc tv

EPCTV is an amazing free TV streaming site because it offers channels from all over the world. Search for your country and select the type of TV category you want to stream.
You can also browse the channels based on the different genre like music, news, kids, sports, etc.

EPCTV streams almost all the famous and popular TV channels out there. Some of the popular TV channels that it streams are ESPN, CNN, NBA, Disney, MTV, FOX News, etc. If none of the other live TV streaming sites does not provide what you actually want, I am sure EPCTV will fulfill your demand.

10. Pluto TV

pluto tv

Pluto TV is the United States very popular website that covers almost all channels of TV. Everything from movies to food shows to TV series is totally free to watch and stream. Watch Live Sports, News, Comedy, Movies and TV shows. The Pluto TV service is also supportive on most of the platforms like Roku, Amazon Fire, iOS, Android, Vue, etc. Read the review from genuine users and decide what to watch. The main disadvantage of Pluto TV is that it is only available in the USA.

11. Hotstar


Hotstar is one of the best, if not the best free live TV streaming site in India. It shows the majority of Indian shows and channels which you get on your TV. Not only entertainment shows, you can also watch sports, news, movies, Game of Thrones, and other famous TV shows and movies. Hotstar also has a number of apps of the same name for different platforms. The website and apps are light, user-friendly, and bug-free.

Most of the shows, movies, and channels are free to stream but some of the content is reserved for the premium customer. It also offers a 7 day trial period for a premium subscription, after which, you can continue it for 200 rupees a month.

12. Voot


Voot is an online Free TV streaming platform of Viacom 18 network. The website is totally free to access and watch your favorite shows. They also have an app of the same name for iOS and Android users. Though the TV streaming website does not stream live TV the content is uploaded just a few hours later from the original live streaming. Voot is famous for showing shows like Bigg Boss, Roadies, etc. The site also has Voot original shows like Stupid Man- Smart Phone, Unplugged, etc.

13. Yupp TV

yupp tv

Yupp TV is mostly for our Indian viewers who like to stream Hindi TV channels. Yupp TV shows various live channels which includes entertainment, music, news, movies, spiritual, business, etc.

The same channels can be streamed for catching up the old recorded shows. Yupp TV has added a new category for cricket where they stream live cricket matches of India. Find more about some of the best sites that stream live sports for free. Yupp TV also gives you the option of watching your favorite show in your preferred language.


Premium Live TV Sites With Free Trial

1. Hulu Live TV

hulu live tv

Hulu is one of the biggest paid platforms for streaming online movies and TV shows. They have a separate category for live TV shows, channels, news, and sports known as Hulu live tv. It offers 50+ popular channels, personalized TV lineups, let’s you record live TV, and access it on multiple devices at the same time.
Try the Hulu live TV website for free for the first week, after which, it is $38.99 for a month. This plan does not only give you access to live TV streaming but you can also access the rest of the Hulu’s streaming content.

2. PlayStation Vue


Another top of the line premium lives TV streaming site is Sony’s PlayStation Vue. The website has more channels to offer than Hulu live TV and it also COVERS vast area of the sports like NFL, MLB that other platforms do not generally stream. You can stream at up to 5 devices at the same time.

Vue gives you a 5-day free trial and then you can choose the package that suits you best. They offer multiple packages so you don’t have to spend extra and can subscribe to the only channels that you watch. The live TV streaming site also supports standalone channels like HBO, Showtime, etc which you can add by spending some extra cash.

3. YouTube TV

youtube tv

YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service that lets you watch live TV from major broadcast and popular cable networks. It allows up to 6 devices to access live TV streaming simultaneously. For now, YouTube TV is available in the US only but Google will surely expand it.

It offers major British and American channels, local and national sports, and other must-watch shows streamed at the same moment they are aired. You can record all your favorite stuff without any storage limit. YouTube will keep your recording for 9 months since the inception of the recording. Get all this and more for just $35!

4. DirectTV Now

direct tv

Did you know about this website before? I stumble upon it a while back and as much as Live TV is concerned, it will not dissapoint you. DirectTV is a paid Live TV streaming site that offers a free trial of one week. On top of that, you can extend your free TV trial upto 3 months at the expense of just $10. After that, if you liked it, subscribe to t

hem fully!Monthly subsciption comes in four variant – $35, $50, $60, $70 that offers 60+, 80+, 100+, 120+ channels respectively. Watch live TV without signing an annual contract, unsubscribe whenever you feel the need to.

User Interface of DirectTV is subtle and sleek. You will fall in love with design and smooth flow of the site. The streaming of channels is smooth and worth the money you spend on it. On top of all these, you can add HBO, Showtime, STARZ for $5-$8 each.

Wrapping It Up

As Charles Darwin depicted that Change is the key to evolution, I would suggest that you cut your cable cord and change to online live TV streaming sites. These websites offer more value for the same amount of money(or less or no money in some cases) you paid to your cable operator.

You can watch your favorite show or movie anywhere and anytime. Most of the streaming services allow multiple sharing and streaming of account. Do let us know if there is any other place you know that lets you watch free TV online.

Howdy mate, I am sid. A software engineer by profession doing that 9 to 5 job working on Linux and SQL. My passion for writing & broadcasting useful info brought me into blogging. I like playing Table Tennis, Video games, reading novels, and also sleeping. In ReadVia.com- we try to provide exclusive and fun tech info. I hope you like the content posted here & find it useful.


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