Top 10 Song Lyrics App For the Best Karaoke Experience


Music and travel, I bet everyone loves these two things. These are the two most beautiful leisure of life and go hand in hand. For all the music lovers out there, I am going to talk about the former one today. Music is an effective stress buster which is easily available to you anytime(thanks to the portable device we call phone!). What’s more rejuvenating is when you sing along and get deeply involved in it. But it’s not always that you understand or remember a song as soon as you hear it, for that one needs a song lyrics app.

Sometimes, you really like a song and it’s stuck in your head the whole day but you can’t remember the lyrics expect the catchphrase. Worry no more! I have assembled a list of best song lyrics app that will solve your problem. These lyrics app works with almost all the major music players and provides you with all the song lyrics in real time.

Best Song Lyrics App For Your Phone

1. Musicxmatch


Musicxmatch is the biggest name in music lyric app. It has the largest collection of songs lyrics which you can use to get synchronized lyrics for Youtube, Google play music, Spotify and many more. The app sends you the real-time notification when you are listening to a song, just click on it to open the floating lyrics widget and get the lyrics for the current song.

With the new update, you can also see the translation of the lyrics in different languages, which is great if you want to learn something new. Other cool features include finding what song is playing near you, just by tapping a single button. You can also search songs by title, artist and even just using a single line of the lyrics.

Developer: musiXmatch srl
Price: Free+

2. Genius – Song Lyrics & More


Genius has more than 1.7 million songs lyrics in their database. You can also check out the songs and read its lyrics which are trending on their what’s hot section. Genius has a unique crowdsourced musical knowledge feature. With that feature, you can get annotation of a single line of the lyric by just tapping on it. The lyric app also provides facts behind the tracks with verified content from the artists and producers.

The new update of Genius includes the feature of fetching lyrics for the song that is currently running on your phone. It also detects the songs that are playing near you and shows the name and other details of that song with lyrics.

3. QuickLyric – Instant Lyrics


As far as the user experience is concerned, I would rate this app higher from the others. It won’t irritate you with repetitive notifications or bother you to manually type the name of the song every time it changes. This song lyrics app lets you view offline lyrics, you can download the lyrics for your whole library of songs(Google Play, Spotify, etc).

It also has a floating widget feature that lets you enjoy the karaoke experience without opening the app. It also has a premium version that adds features like night mode, new themes, removes ads, and provides support for android wear devices.

4. Lyrics Mania – Music Player

lyrics mania

LyricsMania is not just a song lyrics app but it is also a music player. It has an integrated music player so you can listen to your music and also get lyrics from the same app in real time. This does not mean that it will not work with other players. Lyricsmania supports all the major players(Google play music, Spotify, etc).

The other features like getting notifications, floating lyrics, identifying songs that are playing near you are same as the other apps.

Lyrics Mania - Music Player
Lyrics Mania - Music Player
Songtexte Mania
Songtexte Mania
Developer: Eight Signs
Price: Free+

5. Lyrics Match – Music Player

lyrics match

This one is same as lyricsmania as this app also comes with an integrated music player. The Lyrics match music player also lets you play mp4 files in it and provides simultaneous lyrics for the same. This music lyrics app has a folder structure interface based on artists, songs, or albums which lets you find all music files in seconds. It also supports the offline lyrics viewing feature by saving them first using tag editor.

The app has a lyrics database of over 24 languages which includes Hindi too. The look & feel of the app is nice & clean and it even lets you create your own combination of themes through settings. Other key features include lock screen widget, audio visualizer, custom equalizer, etc.

Lyrics Match: Music Player
Lyrics Match: Music Player
Developer: Dragedy
Price: Free

6. Lyricsmint


This lyrics app is famous among Hindi/Bollywood song listeners. It is apparantly the number 1 app in providing lyrics for Hindi songs. The application is user friendly and works on or above android 2.3. It has a cloud API which keeps you updated with the latest hindi songs lyrics with proper credits.

You can fetchlyrics online and also save up to 150 song lyrics for offline purpose. The lyrics app also allows for direct share of lyrics through a single push button. The button will share the online web link of the lyrics.

7. Lyrics Library

lyrics library

This app is a literal library for songs lyrics. Over one lac downloads and 4.3 user rating, the app proves its significance. Lyrics library lets you read and share lyrics. You can also write, save, and edit your own lyrics, add chords over them, search online and download for offline usage. The app also lets you organize your lyrics in folders and you can also take backup of your lyrics.

Lyrics Library
Lyrics Library
Developer: Lyrics Library
Price: Free+

8. Lyrics


Another very famous, trusted song lyrics app that provides lyrics for all the latest English songs. Lightweight and simple to use, Lyrics complements your favorite music player without trying to replace it. Yes! it will run on top of your favorite music player and the app supports almost all the famous music players. Don’t think I kid you when I say it has a library which contains millions of songs lyrics.

The lyrics app also gives you an option of dark and light theme. There aren’t many song lyrics app that have Chromecast support but Lyrics has it, thus making it a best Karaoke lyrics app. Search for your song by track ,artist, album, recently viewed, etc.

Price: Free+

9. andLyrics


andLyrics is similar to Lyrics as it also runs on top of your music player. The song will be playing in the music player and andLyrics will show the lyrics of that song. These are not static lyrics, it gets automatically scrolled and highlighted along with the song like a karaoke.

The key features of the app includes identifying the currently playing track, searching for lyrics on the Internet, display, scroll, highlight the lyrics in sync with the song. The best part of this lyrics app is that it automatically downloads and saves the lyrics of the song which you have atleast once read.

Developer: Eugene Shmakov
Price: Free

10. Lyrically


Lyrically is an app for music fans, by music fans. For music fans – you all must have understood, by music fans – the users themselves upload lyrics! Search for top tracks, by artist, or by song. Lyrically is powered by Lyric Wikia, hosted on Anyone can contribute to Lyric Wikia. The lyrics app is fresh and accurate. Supported players include: Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, and many more!

Lyrically - Music Lyrics
Lyrically - Music Lyrics
Price: To be announced

Wrap Up

These 5 are the best song lyrics apps for your android device which will sort your singing along experience. I hope you like this list, feel free to add your favorite lyric app on the list and let other music lovers also know your little secret of knowing the perfect lyrics.

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