10 Free Music Download Sites To Find Legal Music


Music is liberating! Music is divine! I believe that music makes you feel good, changes your mood, helps in resolving or give you the strength to tackle the issues in your life. When you listen to a good music track which you like instantly, you go on an Internet Voyage to download that mp3 music. More often than not, you end up opening some advertisement or inflict your phone/PC with viruses.

I have separated the weeds from the good stuff and found 10+ best free music download sites that are totally legal. These websites have high-quality mp3 music that you can download to your system or phone. As these sites are free and legal, you don’t have to worry about piracy either. Now you can download & enjoy your music to the fullest. Once you are finished reading it, also check out the apps that let you identify which song is playing!

Top 10+ Legal Sites To Download Free Music

1. Jamendo

jamendoAll the music available in Jamendo is free to listen to the artists themselves have decided to share their music with the world. You can search for music based on trending, latest, or by artists. It also allows a filter by genre, which means you can search for a specific type of music, like Rock, Classic or Indie etc. Jamendo is widely known for its huge entertaining Indie music collection.

You can either download the mp3 music or stream it online. The music website gives you a privilege of marking your favorite songs. The user interface of Jamendo is easy & friendly and stimulates some cool options for the users. Jamendo Radio lets you explore new and interesting music which, if you like, can download the song or the whole album instantly.

2. PureVolume


Pure Volume is another free music providing website where artists can share their songs for downloads. Search for the song you are looking for or view songs filtered under Top Songs, Top Downloads, Artists, Albums, Events.

The website shows various talented artists and their distinct music. PureVolume also lets you check out the users and which user is listening to what song, follow the latest news related to it. You can download mp3 music from this site without registering to it.

3. SoundClick

soundclickUsing SoundClick, you can post your own music or listen to other artists who have shared their music on the website. The design of this mp3 download site might look pretty basic to you but it sure has a lot of music to offer. Through SoundClick, you can create your own custom radio stations, follow other listeners on the forum, or study about your favorite artist.

All the music present in SoundClick is not available for free download. Some artist allows the downloading of an mp3 file after you have paid some amount. Some may only let you stream music for free while other songs can be downloaded for free without any restrictions.

4. Last.fm


Last.fm is a very famous music download site that has several pages of free music from almost all the famous artists. You can browse the music by category, most recent, or coming soon. User Interface of the website is very classy and will make you fall in love with it.

The free website also shows you upcoming events, you can even add your own events, and with just one click you can download your mp3 music. Other than free music download, the website has thousands of songs available for free streaming. Last.fm is also known for its scrobbling which basically means that when you listen to a song then the name of that song is added to your username.

5. Free Music Archive


FMA is a non-profitable music download site that is an initiative of WFMU radio channel. The music present here is a mix of public domain and Creative Commons licenses. You can browse the songs by the list itself, or by categories, genres, charts, etc. FMA also maintains an all time, This week, & this month best music chart.

Mp3 music is directly available for download without any signup. If you register to the website(which is also free), then you can create your own collection, follow the forum, and interact with other listeners & communities.

6. SoundCloud


Another easy to recognize a name in the list of free music download sites. SoundCloud has now majorly moved from the website to the personalized app which is available for both Android and iOS devices. The music content here is uploaded by both professional and independent musicians.

The free music download site has an enormous amount of mp3 music and justifies the name(cloud) given to it. All the music is not instantly available for download as some mp3 files require you to like a Facebook page, otherwise one can see the download button alongside the song.

7. NoiseTrade


NoiseTrade lets you download thousands of songs and its full album. All the mp3 music available can be downloaded free of cost without any legal issues. You just need to put your email id & the zip code of your place and you can download the whole album in a zip file.

If you like the creative content of the independent artists, you can donate them. Browse the most liked music of NoiseTrade by going through the most downloads or notable sections of the site. NoiseTrade also provides ebook and audiobooks to its users.

8. Vimeo


Though Vimeo is widely known for the video content that it possesses, it also has a huge music library half of which can be downloaded for free. It has tens of thousands of individual songs(without videos) that can be browsed via genre, mood, sound effects, or instrumentation.

Vimeo also provides a filter for finding non-copyright content i.e ‘free to use music’, which is of great help to creators as they can use the mp3 music present here in their own projects.

9. Internet Archive


Internet Archive is one of the most dependent, non-profit website of the world. Consisting of an enormous database which consists of images, audio, video, music, and other media files. Internet Archive has millions of free music download files that vary from podcasts, songs, radio programs, & Live music.

The Archive lets you browse the music downloads by title, date, most viewed, or artists. The archive site has songs from famous artists that are completely legal to download. You would normally find files in multiple formats, mostly in mp3 and OGG.

10. Amazon

amazon music

You might be wondering what Amazon is doing on this list of free music download sites. Be amazed when I tell you that Amazon offers thousands of free music to download legally. You can download the free music by browsing through the songs based on genre, most recent, popularity, ratings, artist, albums, etc.

The way of downloading songs from Amazon is slightly different than other websites. You can listen to the music before downloading it, if you like it, just add it to the cart(click on the free button to add). Check out from the website as if you are purchasing something, you’ll be taken to a link to download the free music.

11. Stereogum


Stereogum is similar to Free Music Archive, in general approach to music styles. The free music website is categorized into these 4 broad tags – Featured music, New Music, Videos, Lists. The Lists category shows various music related articles and posts.

You can stream all kinds of music from this site, or browse through its extensive archive of current famous & past songs, many of which went on to become billboard hits and favorites. In between downloads, you can also search the news features for the latest stories in the music world.

Wrap Up

These are some of the best places for music download. Search for your favorite songs in these sites or explore the rich and interesting music they offer. These free music download sites are legal and offer a one-click link for storing the mp3 music files on your phones or PCs.

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