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Anime is basically short for animation(Cartoon) which is created in Japan. Anime is different from other forms of cartoons in terms of the strong storyline it provides, stunning visuals, and emotional depth & an involvement that you get watching it. In the age of the Internet, people love to watch anime online, no matter where they are.

There is a lot of original anime content created on daily basis now, mostly in Japan. In order to get access to these shows, I have assembled a list of free anime sites that allow you to watch anime online. I assume you have already checked our article on websites to download free anime with just a few clicks.

These anime streaming sites are filled with thrilling shows and are legal to access. It’s a tough task to get dubbed anime but some of these sites provide dubbed & subbed anime online in your favorite language. These dubbed anime websites are mobile friendly and stream content fluidly. So grab a tub of popcorn, sit back on your couch, relax and watch anime online for free.

13 Free Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime Online

1. 9Anime

Anime sites

9Anime is one of the best anime streaming sites that offers a lot of versatile genre’s content and allows you to watch anime online. Highlighting the good things – 9Anime shows very fewer ads as compared to other anime websites. The embedded player in the site works smoothly and lets you watch subbed & dubbed anime in high quantity. You don’t pay anything to use this site’s services and there are no location restrictions also.

9Anime also allows you to download free anime. Just click on the bottom download present on the player that streams anime online and it will start your download automatically. You can download whole seasons and create a good collection of anime for yourself.

2. KissAnime

Watch anime online on kissanime

The most loved anime site on the internet! KissAnime is a divine kiss that will linger on your head forever with a sweet flavor. KissAnime.ru arguably has the most number of anime to stream online. You can get animes in both subbed & dubbed form. Apart from providing content to watch anime online, kissanime offers a lot more. It has a separate tab where you can request the anime you want to see and can’t find anywhere else. They try their best to bring you that anime.

Kissanime will provide you the best anime shows to watch online for free. The streaming site has an anime forum where you can post your queries, read others thoughts, or meet new people. KissAnime is one anime stream site that also provides an extension to read manga online, you can also read novels or buy anime merchandise from the free anime website.

3. AnimeFreak

Anime Online on Animefreak

For the freaky anime lovers, we have this equally insane anime site aptly named as animefreak. The website has an extensive database which will allow you to stream and download latest anime series. You can look for anime based on their genre or search them alphabetically.

Animefreak.tv lets you stream dubbed anime and also features new anime series in their showcase page. There is a separate column for FAQ which will vastly help you in browsing the website. The anime site opens in desktop mode only, whether you access it via mobile but it still does its job quite efficiently.

4. Gogoanime

Gogoanime is a cool looking, black theme based, light-weight anime website that lets you watch the latest anime online. You can find the anime you want to watch either by looking alphabetically or genre-wise or simply search for it.

The website hosts a lot of anime shows and there is a high possibility of getting all the animes you want to stream.gogoanime also has an extensive collection of anime movies which anime fans never miss out. It also has a drama tab which links to another gogo website that hosts Japanese television drama.

5. Crunchyroll

Screenshot of Crunchyroll

Accessible in the majority of the countries, Crunchyroll is a famous and amazing free anime site. It boasts of Systematic and well collection of The Manga, Anime series and shows for the fans. The anime stream is said to be having the largest collection of Anime as compared to other websites, all for free. You can find some of the dubbed anime series in English but most of the content that Crunchyroll holds is subbed anime only.

Yes, for high-quality videos you have to be a paid member of the Crunchyroll which lets you view the videos without any ads. In fact, the premium user can get access to latest episodes of Simulcast within an hour of it getting telecasted in Japan. For the same, you can have a 14 day free trial of being a premium member and can then pay only $6.95 every month to keep enjoying the services.

6. AnimeLab

Watch anime online

Providing great content for Anime Lovers, AnimeLab is again a legal anime website that let you watch all classic and latest Anime series online. AnimeLab is updated frequently, which makes the media content more preferable. The high-quality Anime series can be streamed online with low data consumption and can be even downloaded with a click.

In terms of User Interface, the site is quite good and the categories are listed accordingly so as to make it easy for users to view them. AnimeLab provides mostly subbed anime and it runs swiftly too. The only drawback is that this anime website is available for the residents of Australia and New Zealand only.

7. Viewster

Screenshot of Viewster

With user-friendly interface and a good collection of media content, Viewster is a highly preferred website to watch anime online. In fact, there are many Anime series, which are originally seen on Viewster only. With wide Anime collection, TV shows, and cartoons, you can easily stream anime and even download one of your choices, absolutely free.

This free anime website does have regular updates on its Anime Content and the latest episodes are available to watch on Viewster. They do not charge a single penny which makes it even more suitable. Viewster is available in Europe as well which creates most traffic for the site as it proves to be of great advantage for them.

8. Funimation

Premium Anime streaming Site

This gigantic Anime licensing powerhouse has been streaming Anime online since 2009 and ever since it started, it has been a top website to watch Anime online. Funimation has become such a huge success that it streams licensed shows both on their own website as well as on Hulu.

You can also stream anime on Funimation via PS3/PS4. IT has a reputation for releasing some of the best and most enjoyable English dubbed anime online. Funimation is available for only North America but it is also planning to extend its services to the UK.


Watch anime online on hidive

HIDIVE is another anime streaming sites to watch free anime online. It was previously known as ‘The Anime Network’ but recently they changed it to HIDIVE. Here you get a huge library of anime to choose from and watch legally. It is available online and also via Video on Demand.

HIDIVE can be viewed on iOS, Android, Sprint, and even Kindle Fire. You can catch almost any Anime series, either dubbed or subbed, as it has a huge library to choose from. The content is available for viewers of UK, Ireland, Latin America, Turkey, Middle East, and many other places. The creators have also created apps to stream anime for Android and iOS devices.

10. Animerush.tv

Anime Streaming sites

One of the better website for streaming anime online for free. You can either download or watch anime shows based on the different genre in which they are categorized. View the
ongoing shows, list all the anime series, watch anime movies, or get surprised. Yes, there is a surprise me column that displays a unique and different show each time you click it. I find this option useful as it helps you discover new content.

Animerush also has a forum where you can interact with other anime lovers. One doesn’t have to be logged in to start the chat, you can also use a temporary name which basically means that you can watch free anime without signing up.

11. Chia-anime.tv

chia-anime is another properly working website that streams anime series online. The website looks simple with limited portions to explore. You can check out the recently added anime, or the most popular ones. The search option on the website will directly take you to the series you want to watch. The pop-ups can be annoying sometimes but other than that, chia-anime is a gem of a website. They also have a community option where you can chat with other users of this anime website.

12. Netflix


Netflix is currently the master of online streamers. It has a plethora of content to offer and the success it has gained in the recent past is hidden from none. Netflix also creates its own original content which I believe is the best attempt out of all the online streaming platforms. Netflix lets you stream and watch anime online.

It is not free for obvious reasons but is worth spending that amount considering the rich content it has. Recently, Netflix came out with a Death Note movie that was inspired by the anime of the same name. The movie was not a big success but they plan to continue their expedition & will surely bring some good anime inspired content.

13. Because.moe

Kudos to the extremely well functional anime search feature on this website wherein the user just needs to enter a few keywords and the anime results clashing with the keywords appear in a jiffy. The best part about this specific anime website is that the users can get all the content on this website without having to pay any cost. However, this site is functional only in UK, Australia, Canada, and the USA.

The website updates its Twitter handle regularly for new series and episode releases. So as to get all the latest information about the new releases, the users can follow the twitter handle of the website.

Wrap Up

As I said that there is no age for watching anime. The gripping stories it tells through its remarkable visuals is enough to make an old man cry. Sometimes, it gets tough to find new dubbed & subbed anime episodes of your favorite show. You face a lot of pop-ups, ads, malware while searching for it. But that is not the case with these sites that you just read, they are user-friendly, browser friendly, and runs on any operating system, whether you are streaming anime in Android or iOS or any other OS for that matter.

I hope and I believe that these 10 above mentioned anime streaming sites will solve this problem. Do tell us if you know any other free anime site that offers rich content.

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