10+ Sites To Watch Series Online (Stream Free TV Series)


Are you a binger? Do you like to eat while watching some show or the other way around? Are you a big fan of TV shows but don’t know where to watch series online? Worry no more! This article will answer the question for you. Ever since I started watching English TV shows I fell in love with them! Be it any genre- comedy, fiction, fantasy, crime, etc.

We are not living in 2000’s anymore when you had to sit on your couch, follow your Idiot television box, watch tiresome ads, and whatnot. It’s 2018 and you have your precious device which does everything for you and you can’t live without it. There are a hell lot of free streaming apps, movie websites that house all the great content you can watch online

Yes, I am talking about your phone on which you can access these websites to watch series online – anywhere, anytime! If you don’t want to spend your money on it and want to watch free tv shows, check out the list of 10 free and paid websites to watch series for free.

Best Websites To Watch Series For Free In 2018

1. Yesmovies


I know the name of the website says movies but it is also famous for its huge collection of TV series. Yesmovies has an extensive database, maybe the biggest for free movies. The website not only provides Hollywood shows but also features top French and European TV shows and movies.

Stream TV series based on a huge number of a genre that the site offers, or find something new to watch through the TOP IMDb list. Yesmovies also has a trending category through which you can find out what everyone else is watching and move with the world.

2. Todaytvseries

today tv series

Todaytvseries is also a free TV series download site that provides almost all the famous and popular TV series you want to watch. You cannot stream or watch TV series on this site as it only gives download option. Looking for movies, these movie download sites platform may help you out. Recently they have changed their domain name and we have updated the working domain.

This makes it an advantage and also a disadvantage of this website. The disadvantage being that you will have to first download the episode or the whole season before you start watching the TV series. The advantage is that if you are going to a place which does not have any Internet then you can download the shows beforehand and watch it later without any problem. This TV series website is also famous among people who are fond of making a collection of TV shows and movies.

3. Watchepisodes4

watch episodes

One of my personal favorites is watchepisodes websites. watchepisodes4 has sister sites too and they all are awesome in doing the same work of providing free TV series episodes for streaming. The reasons I like this website to watch free TV shows is that it lets you interact with other users. You just need to register for their domain(which is totally free) and you can chat and interact with other users.

Watch all the latest and popular TV shows online without paying a penny. The other thing that I like about this website is that it tells you the schedule of the upcoming episodes and the exact date on which it will be uploaded. Pretty cool, right?

4. Xmovies8

xmovies 8

Xmovies is probably the fastest website to stream series online. It has a nice, cool, and easy interface that you will like on first use itself. The website is broadly divided into
two parts – movies & TV series. The other categories are based on Genre and favorites.

xmovies8 developers keep the latest TV show episodes on top and go downwards with an old date. Like many other websites, xmovies8 does not maintain its own servers for hosting these big files. They connect with third parties that provide you with the shows you want to watch. Option for searching movies and TV shows is temporarily disabled by site developers.

5. Bmovies.to


Remember Fmovies? The website that gave access to all the latest and popular movies streaming. It’s called Bmovies now. All the users that know and have used fmovies already must know the greatness and trust of it. It’s the same website to watch free tv shows & movies with a different name. bmovies.to is totally free to access, you can either download or stream TV series online.

Just switch to the category, find the series you want to watch online, and stream it for free. The website also provides content from around the world which is very neatly categorized under these country names. If you have a good network connectivity, bmovies is the best for you.

6. Tubi TV

tubi tv

On Tubi TV you can watch amazing movies and series online. There is no subscription fee required, nor do the site asks for your credit card details. Just thousands of hours of streaming TV shows online. Tubi is available for free on android, ios, Roku, Apple, TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, Samsung Smart TVs, Sony Smart TVs, Play station and the web!

This free TV series streaming site claims to have more than seven thousands movie titles and hundreds of TV shows in their database. If you like to surf and watch stuff that’s slightly different from the usual content then you should try Tubi TV.

7. ShareTV

share tv

ShareTV is a very basic looking website but does the work it should very efficiently i.e let us watch series online. It is indeed a very good site which has plain design, loads very quickly, and contains all the famous and popular TV series. It is updated regularly and like watchepisodes4, it also shows scheduled for the upcoming episodes of the TV shows.

ShareTV also shares the trending news related to your favorite movie & TV stars and their shows. Surprisingly, shareTV also has some Hindi TV shows which you can stream online.

8. Gostream.sc


I must term out this site as an arsenal of amusement scaffolded by an advanced array of genres. Gostream possesses an extremely simple UI which is quite bewitching and easy. This website lets you watch series online in multiple languages and regions (like Albania, Algeria, India etc.) and genres like action, adventure, adult etc. are also available.

On switching to the TV series page, you will certainly be awed by the alluring and elegant posters of innumerable TV series. Mind boggling cult classic TV series is readily available to stream online & teleport you to a whole new world of amusement and entertainment.

9. Hotstar


Hotstar is one of the best, if not the best free live TV streaming site in India. It shows the majority of Indian TV shows and channels which you get on your TV. Not only entertainment shows, you can also watch sports, news, movies, and other famous TV series and movies. Hotstar also has a number of apps of the same name for different platforms.

The website and its apps are light, user-friendly, and bug-free. Most of the TV shows, movies, and channels are free to stream but some of the content is reserved for the premium customer. It also offers a 7 day trial period for a premium subscription, after which, you can continue it for 200 rupees a month.

10. Popcornflix


Certainly, another instance of minimalistic and well-understandable work among some of the best websites where you can freely watch series online free. The hamburger icon possesses two sub-menus which simply suggests – movies and TV shows. Well balanced, compelling, enchanting, provocative and fantasizing genres like – Action, Comedy, Shout! Factory Tv, Sci-fi, Mystery, Thriller etc. are all being covered up.

The best part of popcornflix is that it’s absolutely free and no content is more than a few clicks away. Enthralling TV series & movies are all accessible and can certainly plunge you into an awe-striking dimension. So, what are you waiting for? Open up your laptop and set yourself ready for such a lively, poignant and pleasant journey.

11. Youtube


I am dead sure that you already know about Youtube. Google’s very own podium for all those who intend to enthrall and regale themselves with a wide variety of pleasing and absorbing shows, letting you to experience some of the most amazing TV series you can watch online. Youtube is the biggest hub of online videos on the web. It does not restrict itself to just web & TV series streaming but you can find anything and everything on Youtube. Most of the content is free but you might have to spend some extra money for streaming premium TV shows and movies.

The boundless figure of Youtube and the love that the world has shown towards it, it has become the most used online streaming site on the internet. Not only viewing but creating your own content and showing it to the world, Youtube will help you grow as an individual.

12. Crackle


Crackle’s name is literally taken among Netflix’s and Hulu’s of today, but unlike them, it is completely free! It lets you browse thousands of TV series by genre. Crackle is the world’s leading free streaming TV shows and movies website.

The free tube TV site is designed to give you the best experience possible at any time. It is authenticated and available in Play store. This free TV streaming website is supported across almost all platforms. Crackle is currently available in the United States, Canada, Australia and South America only.

13. Snagfilms


A true inventory of compelling and entrancing online shows and movies. The unique selling point and the most captivating part of this TV series site is that it is cent percent free. The nav bar is equipped with three tuners, namely – Home, Movies & Shows.

Snagfilms covers a wide array of options when it comes to streaming TV series. From enticing historical facts to jovial comedies, Snagfilm has it all. Genres like – comedy shows, guilt-free TV, wildlife and environment, TV badasses, guilty pleasures are just to name a few which will freshen your mood up.

In The End

By now, it must have been more clear to you guys where to watch series online and that too for free. All these TV series sites are currently working and have offer quality content. If you find any issue with these sites or with this article, do tell us in the comment box below.

We keep on updating new platform on our list to give your best working websites. Also, if you know any other websites to watch series for free, comment them down and we will add them to our list.

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