What Song Is This? Identify What Song Is Playing Near You


For all the music freaks, it must have happened sometime or the other that you have come across a specific track and wish to know the name and details about it. And while we reach out to google for finding what song is playing?, it is all vanished from the mind.

While trying out the effectiveness of Google search by entering the keywords or using Google assistant to ask ‘what song is this‘(yes you can do that now!) , the users can take advantage of the applications that are solely dedicated to the purpose of identifying the music tracks. The reasons might be anything from getting to know the details of the song to saving the song onto the mobile, these songs finder applications often find use in our lives. Some of these apps also work in sync with other music apps that let you download songs for free.

Find What Song Is Playing On Android

Before the automatic song identifier apps came into the market, the users detected the jam that they heard manually. The manual method generally involves doing Google voice search of the song that you hear. So what you need to speak up for recognizing the song. With a recent upgrade to google assistant, Google Voice search has become quite furious in searching out the precise result. We will be discussing that in detail later in this article.

Best Song Identifier Apps On Android

The following are some of the applications that detect the music which is playing almost effortlessly. These song recognizer app runs on most of the popular smartphone platforms and the device needs to have an internet connection so as to get the search results of the application. The following is a list of trending android applications that will clear your doubt of what song is this immediately. Check them out!

1. Shazam

Identify Music With Shazam

The Shazam application is one of the most reputed song identifier application on the popular platforms of Android, iOS, and Windows. The application has great utility in terms of detecting the regional as well as English tracks. The following are the steps involved in the detection of music using the Shazam application:

  1. Turn on the internet connection on your device.
  2. Launch the Shazam application on the phone and tap the ‘S’ button on the interface of the application.
  3. Place the device near the source of music and the results of the music detection are instantly displayed on the screen of the user.

However, Shazam application cannot be used to detect the tracks which are already present in the music library of the host device which is a feature in most of its competitor applications.


2. SoundHound

What song is this: Soundhound

The Soundhound application is one of the most advanced applications in the segment and the users can also give voice commands to the application for finding what song is playing. This handsfree play feature of the application makes it a must-have application for getting the music dose on the go. The user needs to turn on the data connection on the phone and click on the Soundhound button after placing the device near the sound source.

The application provides the best search results in just a few seconds. The users can also make use of the ‘OK Hound’ keyword for the handsfree feature. It’s the same as google assistant, you just need to ask what is this song? and it will show the most relevant results.

3. Snapchat

Identified music using snapchat

Snapchat recently came with Shazam integration into their application. Hence, the users can now use the Snapchat application to find music on the go. The following simple steps can be followed by the users to identify a song that is playing using the Snapchat application. Of course, he needs to have the Snapchat installed on his device in prior.

  1. The user needs to turn on his data connection on the device and open the Snapchat application.
  2. He needs to place the device near the music source and press and hold the camera button.
  3. The Shazam popup automatically appears along with the details of the song. However, more info about the music track can be found by tapping on the info option that appears there as well.

Since this is a new feature on Snapchat, not all the the users know about it and also you need to update the application to get this benefit.

Developer: Snap Inc
Price: Free+

4. Beat Find

Find Song Name With Beat

The application is one of the few song identifier app that one can get on play store. The interface of the application is just bliss and makes the application look very simple to use. However, the application is currently only available for Android users to visualize and recognize the songs.

The strobe light effect that used a flashlight in sync is mind-blowing for any party event. Like the Shazam app, you get access to the history of recognized songs. Once you find what’s the name of this song, you can stream directly on Spotify, Deezer, or Youtube.

5. Google Assistant

google assistant

Last but surely not the least! Google assistant does almost everything for you. With the latest update, you can now find what song is playing in your vicinity. You just need to say ‘Okay Google what song is this?‘ and it will automatically identify the song for you. This being said, you must have the Ok Google feature enabled on your android or you can tap on the mic on the home screen and say ‘what is this song?‘.

If you have Shazam app installed on your phone, then you can also find the song by saying ‘Okay Google, Shazam this app‘ and the voice assistant will automatically take you to Shazam app.

Google Assistant
Google Assistant
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


These song identifier applications are a must-have for all the music buffs. If that irritating what song is this question is stuck in your head and you cannot get the details of the track, these applications are always available to rescue.

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