Xiaomi Mi TV Review | Is Mi 4A TV The Best Buy For You?


Only the 90’s kids will remember this! Ever came across that kind of saying/meme? If yes, then here is another one for you. Only 90’s kids will remember the CRT(Cathode Ray Tube) Television sets. I remember the big bulky TV that was in my house when I was young. Time changed and came the LCD TVs, then LED TVs, then HD, UHD, 4K, and so on and so forth. Recently, we heard a new term – SMART TV. If smartphone wasn’t enough, we now had a smart TV! All the major television brands are now selling them but today I will be talking about a specific brand – MI 4A TV.

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Before that, First Lets clear:

What Is A Smart TV?

Smart TV, also referred to as hybrid TV, is a television set which is a lot like a computer. It has integrated Internet and web features. Smart TV is a technological convergence between computers and flatscreen television sets and other additional systems(set-top boxes, fire sticks, etc). In layman’s term, a smart TV is an Internet-enabled TV which has a simple & user-friendly interface.

A lot can be done on a smart TV. You can watch movies online, stream live sports on Internet, watch your favorite TV series anytime, stream Youtube, Netflix, install apps, etc. In short, whatever you do on your phone or on your PC, you can do that on your TV too. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

As I said earlier, this article is on MI 4A TV. You may want to ask what’s so special about that specific TV? The answer is – A lot! The key feature which is attracting most customers towards this Xiaomi TV is the high value for less money it provides. Stay with me and you will know all about it.

MI 4A TV Specification

MI LED Smart 4A TV comes in 3 sizes:

4A 80 cm (32-inch)
4A 108 cm (43-inch)
4A 138.8 cm (55-inch)

The biggest difference between the 3 models apart from size is the screen resolution. The screen resolution also results in the difference of the video quality.

32-inch MI 4A comes with HD resolution (1366×768 pixels)
43-inch MI 4A has a Full-HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels)
55-inch MI 4 supports 4K content (3840×2160 pixels)

60Hz refresh rate and 178-degree wide viewing angles for all the 3 models.

The 55 in MI 4 model supports HDR content which other two models do not support. This means that the most expensive variant provides richer color and contrast.

All the 3 models come with 8GB of built-in storage.

32-inch & 43-inch model has 64-bit 1.5GHz processor with Mali-450 MP3 graphics and 1GB of RAM. While the 55 in TV has a 1.8GHz processor with Mali-T830 MP2 graphics and 2GB of RAM.

Connectivity Options:

connectivity ports xiaomi tv


Wifi Enabled
3 HDMI ports
2 USB 2.0 ports
1 Ethernet port
1 AV component part
1 antenna ports
1 3.5mm headphone jack ports
Audio: DTS-HD audio with 2 10W each speaker


Wifi Enabled
3 HDMI ports
3 USB 2.0 ports
1 Ethernet port
1 AV component part
1 S/PDIF audio ports
1 antenna ports
1 3.5mm headphone jack ports
Audio: DTS-HD audio with 2 10W each speaker


Wifi Enabled
Bluetooth 4.0 Enabled
3 HDMI ports
2 USB ports(one 3.0 & one 2.0)
1 Ethernet port
1 AV component part
1 S/PDIF audio ports
1 antenna ports
1 3.5mm headphone jack ports

Audio: Dolby & DTS-HD audio with 2 8W each speaker

How smart is MI 4A TV?

look and feel of mi 4a tv

MI 4A TV is a fully functional smart TV. You can do all the things in it that a smart TV is supposed to do. It’s not like some other TV’s that claims to be smart in every aspect but
lacks a lot when it comes to practical use. MI 4A TV is different as it has Patchwall. Even if your MI TV gets old, Patchwall will keep it up with the future.

What is Patchwall?

patchwall mi tv

Patchwall is this great User Interface which shows content directly on the home screen of your MI TV. One does not have to navigate to the app or any place else as Patchwall displays the most entertaining shows on the home itself. The UI learns from the shows the user watches and displays the related shows. You will see the home screen changed with new shows over a span of time.

Currently, content streamers like Sony Liv, Hotstar, Voot, Hungama, YouTube, etc are a part of Patchwall. Xiaomi says that Netflix and Amazon Prime will also be added to it soon. Patchwall does make MI 4A TV a futuristic television as the UI will also get updated with the update of Android.

Cool Features Of Xiaomi Mi TV

1. The TV is super thin and ultra light compared to other TV’s in the market.
2. Only one remote for everything! Through the Mi IR sensors attached to the set-top box, you can access both TV and set-top box with only one remote(IR sensors are free in the 55-inch variant only, for the other two, buy them for 299).
3. Patchwall UI is very cool. It recommends content after learning the watching interests of users.
4. Mi TV offers great value for its price as other smart TVs cost much more than Mi 4A TV.

Areas Where Mi TV Can Get Better

search problem

1. A voice control remote or a scroll remote would have been more feasible as sometimes it becomes tough to search for content with limited keys on the Mi TV remote.
2. The TV’s remote does not run perfectly on some apps. For example: while using Youtube, on pressing the back button, the controls do not come out of the video. Rather it starts playing the previous video. I guess a little twitch in Patchwall can fix this issue.

How Much Mi 4A TV Costs & Where To Buy It?

32-inch Model Costs – 13,999

43-inch Model Costs – ₹22,999

55-inch Model Costs – ₹39,999

You can purchase Mi 4A TV on Flipkart, Mi.com and Mi offline stores. It may show stocked out as the demand is quite high for this one. Look out for the flash sale to buy in case it is stocked out.

The Verdict

I personally feel that Xiaomi has shaken the television market by bringing this revelation – Mi 4A TV. It’s Cheap, it’s light, it looks fluidic, and it costs less! My personal favorite is the 43-inch variant as its features pack a punch and it does not do much damage to the pocket.

Click here to Buy the Mi TV through their official website!

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